National University Joins Constitution Day Celebration

National University Joins Constitution Day Celebration

On Monday, September 17, both campuses of National University of Health Sciences observed Constitution Day, a commemoration of the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. The day also recognizes all who are born in the U.S. and those who have become naturalized citizens.

The Office of Student Services supported the observance by offering fun games and giveaways. "Both campuses offered students the opportunity to reflect on the importance of our Constitution and to come together as a community," said Yesenia Maldonado, National University's dean of student services. "It's a time to be mindful, but enjoy some camaraderie as well."

"Constitution Day is always a fun participation event," said Erin Myover-Piotrowski, Illinois student services coordinator. "The students get really excited about the trivia contests. We make word searches and other fun games available; they enjoy quizzing each other."

This year's display highlighted quotes from and facts about the Founding Fathers. "I heard more than a few students who took some pocket Constitutions proclaim, "It's always important to know your rights!" said Ms. Myover-Piotrowski.

"Florida students and faculty found the pocket-sized Constitution booklet informative. The word finds and crosswords where a fun way to learn more of what our Founding Fathers achieved," said Deb Bechtel, Florida student services coordinator.

Learn more about Constitution Day and its observance at Constitution Today, and The National Archives.

NUHS Constitution Day Celebration - Florida

NUHS Florida: Crystal Corona, Gabe Somohano Ramos, Cameron Sutherland and Alfred Alessi take time out to participate in Constitution Day observance.

NUHS Constitution Day Celebration - Illinois

NUHS Illinois: Students David Severance and Moriah Severance stopped by for their copy of the U.S. Constitution

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