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Student research article named honorable mention in NDNR scholarship competition

Jocelyn Faydenko
Jocelyn Faydenko

Jocelyn Faydenko, a student in naturopathic and chiropractic medicine programs, recently received an honorable mention as part of a scholarship competition hosted by NDNR.

The Annual NDNR Student Writer's Scholarship involves student submissions of research reviews or case studies completed under the supervision of faculty.

Co-authored with Dr. Smith, Faydenko's article discussed using cardiac biomarkers as a clinical tool. The biomarkers or tests can predict cardiovascular risks in the short term, even very short-term versus possible decades of risk.

The research is part of a small clinical trial Faydenko is conducting with Dr. Smith at the NUHS Whole Health Centers using advanced testing performed by the Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. of the Cleveland Clinic. The research will investigate the use of inflammatory biomarker testing for determining cardiovascular health. The NUHS Whole Health Centers have been using state-of-the-art testing from Cleveland Clinic to assess a patient's risk for a heart attack or heart disease since 2012.

To read the full NDNR research article, click here.

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