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East Meets West: National University Receives English Translation of Donguibogam

On Friday, October 5, National University of Health Sciences-Illinois received a fully-translated English version of Donguibogam to add to its already expansive medical reference collection.

The work's literal translation, which means "a priceless book about Medicines of an Eastern Country", was given to the University in a special presentation by Donguibogam Academy USA, with more than 30 faculty, staff, and students in attendance.

Donguibogam, first published in 1613, is a Korean book compiled by royal physician Heo Jun (1539-1615). Based on Confucian philosophy and written for "the common man", it is regarded as one of the most important volumes in Korean medicine, and was added to UNESCO's cultural heritage list in 2009.

NUHSDonguibogam Translation 20181019

Donguibogam Academy - USA, National University Heatlh Sciences

"Having these books as a resource for our students will be especially helpful, because it will broaden their understanding of Eastern medicine," said Hyundo Kim, PhD, MSOM, LAc. "Greater understanding will support the future growth of the profession."

Donguibogam Academy was formed by the Pusan National University, College of Korean Medicine, and the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine to increase global awareness of Korean Medicine and share its advancements. Emphasizing prevention of disease, and rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Korean medicine developed into its own unique branch nearly 400 years ago. As a system of health care, Donguibogam developed the ideals of public health care by the state, a nearly unprecedented concept until the 1800s.

For more information about Donguibogam Academy USA, click here.

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