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Naturopathic Medicine interns explore a case of insomnia in Grand Rounds

In the latest Grand Rounds session, NUHS interns and students discussed a patient with insomnia currently being treated at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard.

Grand Rounds2The patient, a male in his thirties, had been suffering from insomnia for 17 years. While he had been taking prescription medication, it had caused several side effects and with time his body developed a resistance to those drugs.

Over the last few months, Teegan Fiedler, DC, a tenth trimester ND intern, had been working with the patient to find natural solutions including diet changes and various supplement regimens. During the Grand Rounds session, students explored research that supported those treatments.

One challenge the patient faced was that eating healthier made him feel worse. "This was due to trapped toxins being released," Dr. Fiedler said, adding that as a child the patient had been diagnosed with lead poisoning.

Eventually, Dr. Fiedler recommended a constitutional homeopathy consult that resulted in the prescription of homeopathic Sulphur. With this regimen, the patient showed multiple improvements not only in sleep but in his mental and emotional state, as well.

While working with their patients, Dr. Fiedler advised interns to pay close attention to the lower levels of therapeutic order of naturopathic medicine, which include "establish the foundation for optimal health" and "stimulate the self-healing mechanisms." Once the patient began getting better sleep, other ailments the patient suffered subsequently began to improve. Dr. Fiedler said a patient's mental and emotional state is an important aspect to developing a treatment plan for the patient.

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"While the patient isn't sleeping soundly just yet, he continues to make improvements and is on his way to better sleep," Dr. Fiedler said.  

Grand Rounds is part of the naturopathic medicine program at National University. The presentations by interns, faculty or guest speakers explore a clinical question and focus on direct application of research information to patient care. The sessions are open to NUHS students in other specialties including chiropractic, acupuncture and oriental medicine programs so they may learn about naturopathic perspectives on patient care.

For more information about National University's naturopathic medicine program visit the NUHS website

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