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Electrodiagnostic CE program provides chiropractic physicians with more patient care opportunities

National University is taking registration for a highly valuable continuing education in an Electrodiagnostic Program featuring instructor Dr. C. Robert Humphreys. This program gives chiropractors unique tools for more effective patient care, provides new sources of income and has the potential to increase patient referral base.

The series begins April 8, 2017 and will continue with ten weekend modules through January 2018. The course offers a total of 150 CE credits for chiropractic physicians, with each module comprised of 15 hours lecture and laboratory hands-on.

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In this program, you'll learn both proper procedures and use of special equipment to diagnose entrapment neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator syndrome and more. You'll learn to detect whether or not there is peripheral nerve involvement, and whether or not surgery is warranted - thereby preventing needless surgeries.

You will also learn how to perform needle EMGs to test whether the nerves and muscles are still communicating with each other in injury cases. This procedure can provide objective documentation for physicians involved in patients' workers compensation or personal injury claims, to establish the need for care. It is also a great tool to measure and monitor the patient's progress through the course of treatment.

"This Electrodiagnostic Program course series is another practical program we offer to provide new patient care tools for today's DCs," says Dr. Jenna Glenn, dean of the post-graduate program at National University.

To register or view more information about this program series, visit


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