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NUHS Pinellas Park Clinic Explores New Chiropractic Technology

DTtable3National University faculty and students at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Pinellas Park, Florida, are enjoying the use of a new non-surgical decompression table for patient care. On loan from Hill DT Solutions, the table uses load sensor technology that measures and monitors treatment force and patient resistance for a low-force, smooth compression.

The opportunity to experience this new chiropractic technology at National University was initiated by Dr. Jason Hunt (NUHS 2016) prior to graduation. Dr. Albert Luce, a Pinellas Park clinician, continued to build a relationship with Hill DT Solutions and bring the project to fruition along with Dr. Daniel Strauss, dean of NUHS -- Florida. 


Upon arrival of the table in late September, Jeff VanderWal and Dr. Tim Burkhart with Hill DT Solutions engaged students and faculty members in a full day of training. At the end of training, attendees received certification in the use of non-surgical decompression.

The decompression table has been a welcome addition to the clinic, according to Dr. Luce. 

"The ability to provide decompression treatments to our patients suffering with neck and low back pain is of great value. In just a few weeks over half of the available decompression treatments times are filled and our patients are already experiencing positive results," he said.

Hill Laboratories, originator of the DT table, has been a family-owned business since 1945. They offer a variety of tables and therapy equipment products that serve the needs of medical, chiropractic and physical therapy disciplines.

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