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NUHS in Florida Highlights National Public Health Week 2014

National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) joined in promoting National Public Health Week (NPHW) 2014 at its Florida location. During the week, April 7-13, NUHS faculty and students organized several activities to celebrate the NPHW theme,"Public Health: Start Here."

The highlight of the week was a panel discussion entitled, "Stand Straight, Live Great!" NUHS and St. Petersburg College (SPC) jointly hosted the panel at the Caruth Health Education Center in Pinellas Park, with over 60 attendees participating.

Photo of Dr. Chang speaking at panel

The panelists discussed the importance of healthy posture and poor habits that detrimentally affect health across the lifespan. The entertaining discussion offered several practical ways to develop healthy habits aimed at preventing injuries to children, as well as chronic disease. The panelists also highlighted the burden on the economy from preventable injuries and how public health professionals can lessen this burden by modeling healthier behavior as individuals and members of their community. The audience participated in a "workout" that can be performed at the workplace to improve posture.

NUHS also distributed NPHW information to students, faculty, staff, on SPC's Health Education campus during the lunch hour. Visitors appreciated the information, with approximately 150 brochures distributed through various venues.

Photo of participants in National Public Health Week

The panelists included: Daniel Strauss, DC, dean of the NUHS College of Professional Studies; Mark Wieland, DC; Mabel Chang, DC, MPH, public health instructor; and Jaya Prakash, MD (India), MPH, infectious diseases and pathology instructor and APHA member and moderator.  

Several students and faculty in the NUHS Doctor of Chiropractic Program sported badges with the "Public Health: Start Here" logo during the week, to raise awareness of NPHW. One faculty member, Dr. Prakash, also posted daily messages on her Facebook page to friends across the world.

NUHS is proud to have been a partner in such a worthwhile venture and looks forward to participating next year.

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