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National University's Historic Homecoming 2013

homeComingIcon.jpgThis June 20-22, National University of Health Sciences will welcome alumni to a very historic Homecoming event.  This year, the university's current president, Dr. James F. Winterstein, will pass the torch of leadership to Dr. Joseph Stiefel during an official presidential inauguration ceremony.

In addition to the historic inauguration event, National's Homecoming will offer a full schedule of excellent speakers, continuing education credit opportunities, as well as fabulous dining, entertainment and social activities.

Each day is packed with exciting talks from leaders in integrative health care. Speakers include:

  • Dr. Thomas Roselle, A Multi-Discipline Approach to Everyday Cases
  • Dr. Dan Richardson, Effects of Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions on Drug Action
  • Dr. Cliff Tao, Radiographic Technique and Imaging Cases with MRI Correlation
  • Ms. Marianne Jennings, Ethics: Building Trust and Professionalism
  • Dr. Chris Arick, The Mind-Gut Connection and Its Application in Primary Care
  • Dr. Daniel Strauss, Implications of Pulmonary Conditions for Primary Care Chiropractic Physicians
  • Dr. Janet Lintala, Autism: A Modern Epidemic and How Chiropractors Can Save the Day
  • Dr. David Seaman, Neurology of Food Addiction and a Swelling BMI

Registration is available online. For more information on National University's Homecoming 2013, call 1-630-889-6701.

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