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Naturopathic Conference Honors President Emeritus James Winterstein and Dr. Fraser Smith

The Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians (ILANP) held a successful first conference at National University of Health Sciences, November 16-17. Naturopathic physicians from Illinois, and also from Minnesota, Indiana, Washington, Wisconsin, Ohio and Canada, attended the conference that featured sessions led by notable NDs such as Dr. Timothy Birdsall, and Dr. Lise Alschuler. 

Ilanp _web At the conference, Dr. Eliot Edwards, president of the ILANP, gave its prestigious President's Award to National University President Emeritus Dr. James F. Winterstein, honoring his vision and leadership in advancing the naturopathic profession in Illinois.  Winterstein not only brought the first accredited naturopathic education programto the Midwest, but has also been an advocate for integrative medicine for several decades, and a strong proponent of licensure for naturopathic physicians. President Joseph Stiefel of NUHS accepted the honor on Dr. Winterstein's behalf.

"Dr. Winterstein always believed in fostering a strong naturopathic profession here in Illinois, and we are all grateful for his historic role in that endeavor," said Dr. Stiefel.

Dr. Fraser Smith, assistant dean for naturopathic medicine and former president of the ILANP, noted that Dr. Stiefel has demonstrated an equally strong commitment to naturopathic medicine in his first year as president. "In the first week after his inauguration, President Stiefel and I met with a notable Illinois state legislator to discuss licensure for NDs."

Ilanp 2_webAt the conference, Dr. Fraser Smith was also honored as recipient of the association's first Henry Lindlahr Award for Physician of the Year.

"I was thrilled to receive an award named after such a vital person in our profession," says Dr. Smith. "Lindlahr is one of the great pillars of natural medicine and he practiced locally. To receive this award from my naturopathic peers in Illinois, who are all working so hard in their dedication to the medicine and towards licensure, is really special."

Dr. Lorinda Sorensen and Dr. Kristina Conner, both on the faculty at NUHS, were co-chairs of the ILANP conference committee. "The event provided a sense of community for those who attended, and an important avenue for professional development for our members," says Dr. Sorensen, who is also chair of the ILANP membership committee.

"The best part was seeing how much the profession has grown here in Illinois," says Dr. Conner, who is also secretary for the ILANP. "Also, seeing how much we as an association have grown in order to hold such a successful regional event."

Ilanp 3_web

The ILANP partnered with the NUHS Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate and Continuing Education, to provide continuing education credit in all licensed jurisdictions represented at the conference. Major sponsors of the conference included Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Gemmos, and the Natural Medicine Journal.

"We had tremendous support from student volunteers, and many physicians told us they were very impressed by both the caliber of speakers and session topics, as well as our university facilities," says Dr. Conner. "We are already planning next year's conference for October 2014."


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