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Memories Made

 What a whirlwind of emotions this past week at National. Out of all the years I've been here (which is a lot!), I don't think our community here has ever had to experience such a hard time emotionally.

As you know, we lost Zandi suddenly and now recently lost a very loved faculty member, Dr. Shellee Handley, as a result of injuries following a motorcycle accident. She was such a positive person and always had a smile on her face...just like Zandi. It was a shock to our community here, especially after enduring such a hard time the previous week. It was touching to attend Dr. Handley's memorial service at NUHS and to see all the love that poured out from faculty, staff, and students. She will be sorely missed and her positive energy will forever resonate through campus.

Dr. Shellee Handley

One of the biggest benefits of attending National is my instant support system. I get to be near my friends and family, which reminds me of how amazing my life is through all the rough patches I've experienced. On Saturday, my girlfriends got together to celebrate one of my childhood friend's birthday. We surprised her with a pottery day! We went to this place called "Glazed Expressions" in Lincoln Park (Chicago) and painted pottery. We brought tons of healthy and yummy food and had time to spend together. We laughed and reminisced about everything! Martha recently accepted a job offer to work for University of Akron in Ohio and will be moving in two weeks! So it was really nice to spend time with her before she moves on to her "grown up" job.

Making pottery with friends at Glazed Expressions in Chicago.

My brother, Toby, who lives in California is actually in town visiting for two weeks and we celebrated his birthday on Sunday! All my colleagues at school always say, " are ALWAYS busy with your family every weekend!" There are always "get-togethers" with people from school but I have been turning them down lately because of all my busy family events! But I love it!


The recent campus deaths have really kicked my butt into gear. I stopped complaining about everything I complained about (well, I am trying) and am trying to focus on the great and amazing things in life. The sermon at my church on Sunday was about "Life after Death," which is so crazy how appropriate it was for me during this time. The pastor emphasized this question, "What legacy are you going to leave?" And that has truly resonated through my life the past two weeks. It's unfortunate that death has to happen for me to realize the life I am living and how amazing it is...but at least death is not in vain.


So all in all, my rough week ended with more memories made with my loving family and friends. I am on a journey to make sure I leave a legacy! Have a blessed week everyone and tell someone you love them today! :)

Blissor: Well if you can't tell by the blog, my FAMILY and FRIENDS! :)