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The Gathering

"Healing--remembering who we were made to be despite all of our life tragedies/trials, and allowing ourselves to feel unconditional love, which consists of compassion, living without fear, forgiveness, and a deep experience of peace that leaves you with joy and stability." Dr. Anthony Godfrey. 

NUHS and SCNM naturopathic students at "The Gathering"

Opening night of "The Gathering" at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was amazing as Dr. Godfrey eloquently discussed his interpretation of the "vis," the CORE of naturopathic medicine. It almost seemed as if Dr. Godfrey was speaking directly to my heart as he made his address during the opening of the conference.

Sidney and I with Dr. Godfrey.

"The Gathering" is an annual event hosted at different naturopathic schools. It was originally created as an event FOR the students. "Elders", experienced and successful NDs from across the country/world, assemble to provide inspiration, wisdom, and hope. The weekend was definitely packed with tons of sessions where the elders had ample opportunity to penetrate into the hearts/minds of everyone around them.

Dr. Paul Epstein and I.

Dr. Paul Epstein is a very well known ND who studies the connection between the mind and body. He also happens to be the classmate and very good friend of our amazing clinician, Dr. Julie Martin! Dr. Epstein was able expand upon Dr. Godfrey's opening message. It made me realize how powerful and strong our minds, past, stresses, etc., have on our health--short- and long-term.

Throughout all the hustle and bustle of getting through classes and studying for board exams, it is hard to focus on WHY we chose this profession in the first place. Anyone and everyone who chose the ND route but can only think with their mind and not their heart will end up failing in practice. "The Gathering" was a place of rejuvenation and revival for me, and I know that is exactly what it was for my colleagues who are also in clinic. Through all the botanicals, homeopathy, diet changes, etc. that we recommend to our patients, we lose sight of the root and core of our medicine which is the vis--the healing power of nature!

Dr. Louise Edwards and I.

On our campus, Dr. Louise Edwards is our Dr. Godfrey and Dr. Epstein. She has been a beaming light and continues to carry the torch for what defines us and green allopaths. She is such an amazing person that has done so much for our new program; and after "The Gathering," I have learned to really appreciate her more! When you start the program, make sure to soak in as much goodness from her as you can just like I have. She will be a constant reminder for you of the physician you SHOULD be when you become a naturopath.

Overall, I had the most unforgettable, inspiring, and life-changing experience and it was worth the 9-1/2 hour drive, getting through Toronto traffic, and the lack of sleep! :)

Blissor: "The Gathering." Thank you for changing my life!

The Big One

Top -xrayspic

Exams are finally rounding out, however this week is the BIG one. I always have anticipation for exams to be over, but there's always ONE exam topic that I dread and never want to arrive. DREADED X-RAYS! I feel like every class consists of topics that I can eventually wrap my mind around with time and lots of studying, but I feel like my true weakness is hallucinating pathology on an X-ray film. For me, it is probably the most difficult subject during the exam practicals when the professor just slaps an image on the projector and says "Answer." I have so much respect for DACBR chiropractors. The DACBR is a very prestigious radiology diplomate that few chiropractors hold. I've heard that the exam process to obtain the DACBR after years of more extensive education is rigorous, and I know there is no way I could accomplish it. 


This week, other than complaining about my dreaded Chest X-Ray exam on Tuesday, I wanted to write about the different opportunities there are AFTER graduation (and some of these can even be started during the program). There are multiple diplomate topics out there for you to explore if that is something that interests you. Diplomates include radiology, internal medicine, rehab, orthopedics, and even nutrition. 

These diplomate classes are usually held on the weekends for 2-3 days straight in different locations, depending on what school you choose to go through. Each university has different diplomate programs that they host. There are board exams for each diplomate and after obtaining the diplomate, you will be more recognized in that particular area. These diplomates are not required for you to practice a certain way, so you can still treat with rehab even though you do not have that diplomate, but it gives you more education plus more recognition.

Before choosing to do the Naturopathic Medicine Program, I contemplated either doing a diplomate in Internal Medicine or Neurology. Ryan has also considered doing a diplomate in Neurology, and I think he will still consider that after we get settled with our house and his job. 

Master's Programs and Residencies

In addition to the diplomate programs, there is a Master's of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice that the university is offering, which can be started during your program here (usually around 9th-10th Trimester). There are also residencies in Family Practice and Radiology that you can apply for post-graduation. I am currently contemplating the family practice residency, which includes an ND degree plus a stipend each year. The residency programs are about an additional 3 years. Also, during your education you can always register for multiple seminars on various topics that are usually held on weekends.

If you are considering any programs after graduation or any seminars during the DC or ND program, you can contact the postgraduate department for more detailed information.

The Tip of the Week is to attend at least ONE seminar during your education here! They can cost anywhere from $200-$1,500 (and those are student prices), but they are worth it! After graduation, you are required to earn continuing education credits and then the courses will be more expensive. 

Have a good week and wish me luck on X-ray!