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Spring Cleaning


Can you believe it? Time has been flying and I'm just trying to keep up! The fact that we've been packed with event after event including school and work has made this year fly by so quickly already. This past weekend we were supposed to visit friends all the way in Columbus, Ohio, but some plans didn't work out so we had the weekend at home. It was a blessing!

We were able to enjoy the amazing weather (rain and shine), run errands, and completely clean OUT our house! My husband and I have forgotten what it is like to have a normal weekend at home. We completely took apart our house to clean as much as we could and I ended up clearing out NINE paper grocery bags of clothes including things I've never worn!

My current journey to the "WHOLE better me" has been very emotional. It hasn't only been about saying NO to food temptations or working out 1-2 hours six days out of the week, but it has involved my own personal "spring cleaning"! I've been working on the emotional aspect of becoming healthier, which has been the hardest part. It is strange but my "spring cleaning" this weekend was therapeutic. As I was going through all my clothes, it was an amazing feeling to get rid of all the clothes that are too big and that I don't ever want to fit again.

I had the opportunity to spend time with two of my closest friends at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. We walked around the mall for almost four hours and had the opportunity to catch up. I have lost the desire to buy anything for myself until I've reached my "health" goal status. It was an awesome time to spend time with my friends and I even had the opportunity to talk to them about how they can improve their health too!

My whole point of this blog about MY health is to encourage you to take a look at the clothes in your closet. It's not about HOW you look or WHAT clothes you wear. I'm not trying to sound materialistic about clothing either. It's about how you FEEL when you wear the clothes. Do you feel healthy? Do you feel at your optimal health status? Take a deep look into what your "optimal" is. Clothes can hide more than what you look like but can end up masking what you feel about yourself. Are you at the best that you can be? For yourself? For your family? And lastly for your patients?

I am not only doing this for my family and myself… but I am doing this to be an example to my future patients. To be an inspiration. To be a motivation. What are you going to be to YOUR patients? Food for thought! Have a great week!

Miravone -Animals
Blissor: Our pets! We have two cats (Sampson & Delilah) and one dog (Oliver). They are our little children and we love them! It is always nice to come home from a stressful day to their happy faces!

Samson and Delilah

The rain is finally going away and the humidity is creeping up. I hate walking outside and instantly feeling like I've been sweating for hours! Eww! We had one exam this week but it was a scary one. Clinical cardio respiratory. It's intimidating because you have to dig deep all the way from 2nd Trimester and remember some big ideas about action potentials and all that fun stuff. It also didn't help that I remain distracted and lack motivation to even study.

After the exam was over, I felt confident and that I ended up being pretty prepared for it. I was really grateful for Ryan and some classmates that helped me understand some major concepts. It's great that we can lean on each other when the understanding isn't automatically there. 

Homecoming arrived and that also meant we got off of school Thursday afternoon and all day Friday! It was awesome (homecoming and no school)!

Miravone -2-expoExecutive board members of SACA at Homecoming

I went to homecoming to work the SACA booth on Friday, and it was great to be familiar with some of the vendors there that are available for me as a future clinician. I also got to meet with some doctors and discuss some of my goals and aspirations as a dual DC/ND. The vendors also gave away awesome free stuff that is always a plus as a student. I got a sacroiliac belt, some fruit bars, pens, topical ointments, vitamins/supplements, and free bags! SACA Day, which is tentatively scheduled for early October, will also feature some of the same vendors, so stay tuned! 

This weekend, Ryan and I were so excited to head to Michigan for some menu tasting and some relaxation. Ryan also told me he would give me part I of my birthday gifts! (My birthday is June 26th). I was so excited because I couldn't guess why he would have my gift at his house in Michigan. 

When we got there, he had me close my eyes, and there was Delilah! He got me a kitten because I always talked about how we should get a "Delilah" since we have a Samson. (Samson & Delilah are from the Bible). I was so surprised, and I fell in love right away. We both love animals and Delilah is a big ball of crazy but she's so much fun. We can't wait to add Bernard (St. Bernard) to our family one day too! 

Top -blackcat

Overall, it was a bit of a stressful weekend because wedding talk isn't the best relaxation tool. We've been so overwhelmed lately with the finances, busy work, and time commitment it takes to plan a wedding from a long distance. I am just trying to keep up with school, working on our future marriage and life together, and staying sane all at the same time! Only two months away! I can't believe it, but I am so excited for the day to finally come. 

Next week: I will include a recipe for an amazing salad that I came up with about two months ago. It's fresh, tasty, and full of nutrients. 

Tip of the week: Lean on each other. Your classmates can be a good source of knowledge!