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Work and Play

There's no way I can fit in work without any play! This week has been a huge blessing.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays since I've met Ryan! It's just an excuse to go eat a fancy dinner and watch a romantic movie. Everyday is Valentine's Day for us but we always get to pick a place that's more expensive than we would normally eat at and just enjoy the day!


Well my cousin, Rosie, is probably the biggest fan of this "Hallmark holiday" and always throws a big get together every year! Her theme this year was "Red Carpet" and it was so much fun to dance the night away and spend time with friends and family. I also got to spend the day in the city with my two best friends Maria and Rosie, which is long overdue. Eating "good eats," walking and window-shopping, and catching up was definitely what we all needed!

2012-02-21_mira1My cousin Rosie and I at her Red Carpet party.

Well, when I came home, I realized I had a lot of work to do. I had to work on my Grand Rounds presentation, which consisted of sifting through tons of research articles, ten or so books, and surfing the internet for more resources. It is not anywhere close to being done but I will be spending my day off (President's Day) working on it all day! It definitely has been a learning experience since I picked such a difficult topic but I am excited to share it with my colleagues next week! The title of my presentation is "Dream catching: reaching your inner healer." I will let you know how it goes!

Then on top of the Grand Rounds topic, I got an email from Dr. Solecki concerning my case study report I worked on with him on a patient about a year ago. It has been published and accepted for poster presentation at the Sports Symposium but now it is being reviewed for another presentation in Portland, Oregon! However, that means I have more corrections to make, which I will be working on today, as well.

It's so important in our profession to not only graduate, pass board exams, and get licensed but to contribute! Many things that "Complementary and Alternative Medicine" practitioners use as modalities do not always get published so sometimes modalities we choose to use, we know work, but the public can be skeptical. Case studies are the place to start. It's an isolated event that can examine the success of a treatment you have done with a patient that may have been more complex but it can encourage more research on it or can encourage other practitioners to try your treatment modalities. It's exciting that Dr. Solecki and I have been accepted by multiple presentations, and I can't wait until I put more effort in the case study to get it published into a medical journal.  

Well hope you all enjoyed time with your loved ones during this LOVE week but remember, Valentine's Day is everyday! 

Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the Super Bowl! It was an exciting game, but to be honest, the half time show was the MOST exciting with all the celebrity debuts! :)

The best part of Super Bowl has to be the food. My girl cousins and I use this big football event as an excuse to just go crazy on lots of food while all the "boys" go crazy over the actual game. It was just a nice time to spend with family, have fun and memorable conversations, and take a break from everything else going on in life.

My aunt with all the amazing food she made for her Super Bowl party!

This week is going to be tough. I have the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam) exams on Tuesday that are all day and then resume back at clinic. It seems like the "fun" never seems to end. If studying for board exams wasn't enough, I have a full clinic schedule mixed in with preparation for my Grand Rounds presentation.

Grand Rounds is a presentation that we are required to do in front of our colleagues and any faculty or staff interested in topics we have researched. We are required to do one in 9th Tri and one in 10th Tri. Last trimester, my presentation was on Botanicals during Pregnancy, which turned out to be great. This time around, I've been so focused on studying for board exams, that I still have to pick my topic plus start all the grueling research!

People ask me all the time, "Aren't you ready to be done already?!" I can't seem to answer that question fast enough! To all my readers, YES, I AM READY! It has been a long but quick 5 years that I've spent at NUHS getting my bachelor's, chiropractic and soon my naturopathic degree. Some of the professors joke all the time that I should just round everything out and do the AOM program but I have to happily decline!

This journey (if you choose to take it) of dual-enrolled degrees is not easy. It's not impossible either. But take time to enjoy a Super Bowl here and there, treat your body well to stay as healthy as possible--and always make time for your friends and family. I can't say that enough!

Wish me luck on Tuesday! :)