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Mini Synopsis

Hey everyone! I can't believe that the trimester has commenced once again! Like the title says, I will give you a miniature synopsis of finals week, my break, AND my first week of school!

Finals Week

Finals week was not as packed and "exciting" as it has been in the past. When I was dual-enrolled in both DC and ND programs, I had anywhere from 10-16 finals in a span of 10 days, and YES that was CRAZY! However, since my course load was much lighter in the spring trimester, I had only a little over a handful of finals - and after receiving my grades, I am super happy! The hard work along with all the personal stress really paid off and I am glad that the trimester ended successfully!

Good and Bad of Break

However, when that ended, something else began. The flu! As soon as my official break began (the following Monday), I started to get the dreaded flu symptoms, which progressed and impeded on all my original plans! I was planning on preparing myself for clinic by basically studying old material, hanging out with family and friends, and working out. Well, all I got done was sleeping and some eating. It was miserable and after valiant efforts to prevent my husband from getting sick…it failed. He started getting symptoms a week after I did. My sickness lasted the entire two weeks of break and he was better after about a week.

Web _Miravone -flowers Joliet

When I started to feel better though, we had the chance to enjoy the weather and went on a two-hour hike at Pilcher Forest Reserve in Joliet. It's an undiscovered beauty that's for sure! The picture above is a glimpse of what we saw and below is another one. For any of you nature people (which as an ND you should be!), you must visit this huge forest preserve! It's absolutely breathtaking.

Web _Joliet -Ryan Oliver

At the end of our reign of sickness, we had time to celebrate my best friend/cousin's birthday and going away party (she's moving to D.C. for the summer to work with Youth Works) and Mother's Day with my family, which was a fun way to end the tortuous break. I am so grateful and love my family so much!!

Web _Mira _cousins Party Web _Miravone -Three

ND Clinic Ahead

The day before classes started I compiled all the useful lecture notes I've saved through the years in an organized BIG binder that will help me through clinic. For all of you just joining in on my journey, I am entering the naturopathic clinic system and have one more year before obtaining my second (and last) doctorate! The classes that I have this trimester are absolutely amazing! All of them are very challenging and really provoke you to bring everything you've learned together.

Although I've graduated from the chiropractic program, I don't feel that will help me float on by. There are many new modalities and treatment options that I did not use in the DC clinic that are imperative in the ND clinic. This year will be an exciting, challenging, frustrating, and amazing year all together. I am ready! Be prepared for a little bit of everything as I blog my way through the last trimesters of my educational journey! :)


My amazing and beautiful best friend/cousin graduated this past weekend with her SECOND master's degree and will be moving onto bigger and better things! I guess the "over-achiever" trait really runs in the family! :)

Web _Miravone _Graduate Cousin

It's Already Over? Noo...


Hey, everyone! Yes, it is that dreaded time again. Finals! Although my schedule is much more abbreviated than EVERY other trimester I've been here, I cannot believe the amount of tedious assignments that I've had, from writing cases to five-page papers PLUS studying for the finals I have next week. What you should get used to is having anywhere from 10 to14 finals, which is very different from undergrad. Some of the classes here have both a lecture portion as well as lab portion and you will most likely have finals (written and practical) in both of those classes. Don't freak out yet because you WILL get through it with hard work and diligence!  

This week went by quick because we had Ryan's mom and little cousin visit us from Michigan on their spring break. We had fun going shopping with them, getting pedicures (well, not Ryan ), and eating amazing food! Then we got bad news that Ryan's grandpa was in the hospital and we rushed to Michigan to spend time with him and the family over the weekend. Overall, it was a stressful weekend due to his grandpa's health problems, but also finishing up all the assignments that I had so I could focus on studying! But Ryan's grandpa is back home now and doing much better so we are very happy and relieved about that. 

My finals line-up is not that bad this time around. I have one to two finals every day from Monday to Thursday next week, and I am ready to get them over with! After finals, we are doing an "Earth Day 5k" and I think I'm more nervous about that! Ha ha! Our good friends just did a half marathon over the weekend and I am freaking out about a 5k! I know, I know… it's only a little over three miles so I hope all this working out (6 days a week) kicks in that day! 

Well, enjoy the weather (spring is coming or here?) and study hard if you have finals coming up like me! I will see you all in bright and sunny May!! 

Blissor: My amazing relationship with my awesome mother-in-law. She's such an inspiration and huge support for Ryan and I!

April Fools

I love to HATE April. It's the month where there's warm weather but then NOT! It's a big tease for the amazing warm summer weather that we're all longing for. Plus it's full of tons of allergies for everyone. April 1st is my favorite day of my least favorite month because it's full of surprises. I pride myself in the fact that I am a BIG time gullible person. I got "April fooled" twice before noon! First, my cousin told me her marriage ended! Second, my brother told me he's not doing well in California and has to move back to Chicago! Not good jokes at all but they thought it was funny! Ha ha!

Final Trimester Push

As finals approach, all the professors feel like they want to challenge us EVEN more by adding long papers to write, tedious assignments to do that take forever but are worth a ½%, and case studies to complete! Oh the joys of graduate level courses! It's all fun, but boy is it VERY annoying. I feel like I'm a paper writing machine at this point, although the VERY positive (and reason) aspect is that I DID learn a lot. That's the point, right? Duh, Miravone! But just wait until you get to this point where you are freaking out about the gigantic list of finals and on top of that you have to write long papers with a minimum of 10-12 research journals. Ick!

Metagenics Seminar


This Sunday, my husband and I had the opportunity (with some colleagues) to attend a women's health seminar held by Metagenics concerning menopause, PCOS, and hormone imbalance in general. It was so informative! Although we've learned all the bits and pieces in school in multiple courses, it was very nice and refreshing to see it all put together to be applied clinically.

The seminar made me feel more excited to start Student Clinic in May, but nervous at the same time. My vision in our future clinic is to specialize in women's and pediatric health especially after attending this great seminar. However, those populations are the most sensitive and complex for many different reasons, so I am definitely nervous but excited all at once!

After the seminar (since we were in Chicago), we went to our favorite Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) restaurant in Vietnam Town called Pho 888. Amazing! It made the end of a long and tiring day very relaxing.


Overall, we had a good week and I'm still waiting on my third job interview to get back to me! Keep your fingers crossed! Take care everyone!

Blissor: My husband and I have completed 30 days of p90X and are moving into the second phase of the workout!

Happy Easter

Top -easter

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Easter is an amazing reminder of why I am who I am, and no matter what religion you belong to, I think it's really important to have a belief system of some sort. The knowledge of something greater than me has really helped me cope through tough situations, including the ones that occur due to school! Whether you practice good thinking, meditation, prayer, etc., it is important to maintain a body, mind and heart connection… that's truly HOLISTIC. 

This week has been a whirlwind of different emotions for me. First- Excitement! On Wednesday, our clinicians spoiled us and took us (Student Clinic) on a field trip to Standard Process, a whole foods supplement company, in Wisconsin. It was an awesome experience because we had the opportunity to tour the entire plant from every step of the supplement process. We went to see the farm where 90% of their produce comes from, and we had nutritional lectures on different aspects -chemistry, physiology, research, and clinical research. Standard Process definitely spoiled us with an amazing lunch and a goodie bag filled with full-sized products! It was great and I think I am leaning towards using them in practice in the future. 

Second emotion I felt was- Nervousness. I had to relay to my patient some serious news about what could possibly be going on in his body. It was really hard for me because I knew that the patient would also be upset to hear about it. But that's the field what we are working in, and all I could do was assure him that we will do everything we can do ensure recovery. He was optimistic, but it still was hard for me. Overall the experience was positive because I had a chance to learn how to deliver "bad news" but in a way to still be encouraging. Although we get tons of classes on how to deal with these types of situations, the true test is when it has to be applied in a real-life situation. I am grateful that my patients truly and wholeheartedly trust me and know that I really care about them as a person, not a disorder/disease. 

The last emotion for this week was- Gratefulness. Ryan and I started to paint our house, purchased a bookshelf to get the organizing started, and celebrated our first Easter together. It's an amazing feeling to be so blessed with my miniature family. We are so blessed to have a house to call our own, a puppy and two cats to play with, and each other to love and support. And it only gets better! 

Throughout school, it is important at the end of the day to count your blessings. Keep your life in perspective and be grateful for the positives and negatives.

Cat -in -tunnel

Look at this picture - Sampson our cat, sleeping in the laundry basket surrounded by my endless amounts of notes. Among all the chaos (my notes), try to focus on the amazing blessing - a life!

The Time Has Come

Top -sepiafence

Finals are here. Can you believe it? I definitely can't. Now at this point, I do wish I had an extra week to get my act together so I can kick these finals in the butt, but unfortunately, they are staring me right in the face. It seems that every time finals roll around, something in my life always comes in to distract me.

I have to admit that there were days when I just filled my mind with petty stresses rather than focusing on the fact that I have a huge OSCE exam on Friday that could determine my fate in the entire program! You would think that the stress of just that would motivate me to be very focused no matter what happens in life. However, it's been easier to worry about everything else other than school. So I am being honest and telling you all this, so that you may overcome those distractions and stay focused.

Finals are a pretty big deal. It's smart to set yourself up with doing well on midterms because finals come right after. I have a total of about 10 exams in the next 10 days, whereas midterms are over a longer period of time so you get a break in between. Finals are definitely not as accommodating, so be ready! 

So how do you handle stress of your personal life with the stress of school? I am still trying to figure that out completely but I have some tips that may work and help you in the future.

  1. Take a walk. Studying for long periods of time isn't good for your blood circulation, muscles, and brain, so take a walk. This will help you refocus and relax.
  2. Eat healthy during finals or times of stress. Bad food really takes a toll on your body in general, but when you're already under heavy loads of stress, it just makes things worse. Substitute for the things you love! For example, if you have a craving for ice cream, buy Edy's frozen yogurt and add fresh peaches or any fruit! That has been my substitute for my recent cravings! And my peaches are from the Glen Ellyn Farmer's Market too.
  3. Take a brain break. Saturday I studied from about 9am all the way until 6pm almost straight through minus lunch. I was able to be productive because I wanted to have the night to relax with family and friends. It was worth it and well needed.
  4. Meditate or pray (whichever one you are comfortable with). For me, realizing there is something bigger out there gives me peace. I know that by doing breathing exercises and trying to rid my mind of all the garbage by focusing on something greater than myself, I feel like my whole body relaxes. I know that everything is in my life because I am meant to overcome it. With that knowledge, I know that I will make it through.
  5. Talk to someone. Lastly, this has been helpful for me. I have been able to talk to my fiancé and one of my best friends who function as my ventilation. I felt much better after talking to them and being reminded of who I am and knowing that I will get through all of these stresses. It's so important to get it all out rather than keep it boiling in.

I hope I shed some light on some therapies I've used to help me get through my stress. Believe it or not, it really works, but you have to be tenacious! 

Oh did I mention that I am getting married to the most incredible man in less than three weeks? I can't believe it. The picture is actually at Ryan's parent's house on the deck looking out to where our ceremony will take place! Now I must conquer these crazy exams first…

Until next time, have some frozen yogurt and if you have any tips you would like to share, shoot me an email and I will share it with everyone else!