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My Farewell

Well, here we are guys. This is my last blog to you EVER. Can you believe it? We've been on this journey together for a LONG time now--ever since I started the chiropractic program all the way through finishing the naturopathic program! It has been a huge blessing to reflect every week on this blog not only to give you insight but for myself. Now I can look back and remember small details of my life that I may not have stored in my memory. That's the great thing about blogging.


I want to tell you about my week in sunny California. I am glad I will be able to share my experiences with you because it was absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure to shadow a naturopathic doctor in Monrovia, California. Dr. Jennifer Wicher was such an amazing influence not only from her point of view on patient care/management, but the fact that she is married, a mom, maintains a busy schedule (she has a waiting list), and has a great spirit about it all!

Dr. Jennifer Wicher and me

I was also able to speak with her husband who does a lot of the business aspects of her practice. The business "stuff" is not my forte and it was nice to speak to him and get some pointers. Since Illinois is not a licensed state yet, there are restrictions on many things that we are capable of doing including IV therapy, injections and prescriptive pharmaceuticals. In California, you are able to do all of that under your license.

I was able to observe Dr. Wicher perform numerous IV therapies from hydrogen peroxide to vitamins/minerals to using Ozone, which was SUPER cool. I also saw numerous joint injections, intramuscular injections and Ozone injections! She had awesome rapport with her patients and every patient had amazing improvements that urged them to refer patients to her. She had a very busy practice, spent quality time with each patient, had time to spend with her 2-year-old, and maintained a positive and grateful attitude about it all.

Dr. Jennifer Wincher

I am so glad that I randomly found her. I had to drive about 3 hours round-trip (with traffic) to her practice every day but it was MORE than worth it. We plan on keeping in touch and I am excited to potentially move out west one day (maybe) and have some awesome resources! I encourage each and every one of you to utilize your allotted observation days during clinic to travel to a licensed state like California (with a larger scope than others) and see the amazing things our profession has to offer! It is well worth the plane ticket fare!

Ryan and I at his friend's wedding site, a vineyard in
Temecula, California--on top of a mountain! Breathtaking!

My husband Ryan joined me in California for the weekend and we called this part of the trip our "Babymoon," which is basically a trip before the baby comes to enjoy each other's company and relax. We attended the wedding of one of his good friends and had an amazing time reconnecting with his friends from back home that have moved out to California.

We topped off the busy weekend with our first baby shower, which was lovingly thrown by my California family including my grandparents. So exciting! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends to share this new journey with and could not be more excited after seeing all the little baby clothes!

My grandparents with Ryan and me

Strangely enough, you have been a part of my life for some of my biggest life changes and events from starting school, getting married, graduating (twice), and then starting our baby adventure! I am truly saddened to say that the journey we have been on together has to end here, but I want to thank all of you that have taken your time to read my blogs. If anything, I hope I have been able to give you some honest insight into my life as a real person...not just another grad student. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

May you have a blessed journey as well no matter what path you choose! My last piece of advice: Find the good in all you do/choose. It will help you appreciate the beauty in all the obstacles!

Take care and God bless!

It's Baby Time

Yes, everyone! It is true! We are happy to announce that we are expecting and "Baby Dorough" will be making his/her debut in September of this year! We are so excited and have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we have received when we made the big announcement this weekend.


Are we scared? Nervous? Uneasy? Definitely! Words cannot express the love we already have for our little one, but we are definitely fully aware of the changes and sacrifices that we will and have already been conscious of making.

Being a professional woman with a career in mind can be difficult to imagine a life with a family and keeping that happy medium. In our medical field, it can definitely be challenging to commit fully to marketing yourself and building a patient base from the ground up while trying to raise a child, manage a household, and to be a good wife, I realize all of that. This is a surreal experience and we are just going with the "flow" at this point.

Life is definitely not 100% expected and there's always a twist and turn somewhere. Ryan and I have been so blessed to have unlimited amounts of support to get us through those twists and turns and this time it is no different. Expecting to have two incomes to live off of after I graduated gave us security. Now with a little one coming, it all changes whereas the bills won't! So we are in a position of uncertainty and question, but nonetheless, we are ready and very excited to take on this new level of maturity and raise another human being! 


Now you all might be wondering where this leaves my career? Well, I am asking myself that same question. I have always felt a great and deep purpose for naturopathic medicine and that has not changed one bit. However, this does change the immediate future in terms of my "career goals." My purpose has shifted and is geared more towards being an amazing mother and wife while my husband will be our main source of financial support. Does that scare us? Financially--Yes. Emotionally--Not at all.

Me as a naturopath won't change. My passion will remain a stronghold that will motivate me to fully cultivate it into a reality one day. Might not be by May like I had planned, but it will happen, I promise you that!

So wish us good health and luck as we venture into this amazing and unforgettable journey. I'll be sure to keep you updated while I can. Only 6 more weeks until I am officially free! :)

Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the Super Bowl! It was an exciting game, but to be honest, the half time show was the MOST exciting with all the celebrity debuts! :)

The best part of Super Bowl has to be the food. My girl cousins and I use this big football event as an excuse to just go crazy on lots of food while all the "boys" go crazy over the actual game. It was just a nice time to spend with family, have fun and memorable conversations, and take a break from everything else going on in life.

My aunt with all the amazing food she made for her Super Bowl party!

This week is going to be tough. I have the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam) exams on Tuesday that are all day and then resume back at clinic. It seems like the "fun" never seems to end. If studying for board exams wasn't enough, I have a full clinic schedule mixed in with preparation for my Grand Rounds presentation.

Grand Rounds is a presentation that we are required to do in front of our colleagues and any faculty or staff interested in topics we have researched. We are required to do one in 9th Tri and one in 10th Tri. Last trimester, my presentation was on Botanicals during Pregnancy, which turned out to be great. This time around, I've been so focused on studying for board exams, that I still have to pick my topic plus start all the grueling research!

People ask me all the time, "Aren't you ready to be done already?!" I can't seem to answer that question fast enough! To all my readers, YES, I AM READY! It has been a long but quick 5 years that I've spent at NUHS getting my bachelor's, chiropractic and soon my naturopathic degree. Some of the professors joke all the time that I should just round everything out and do the AOM program but I have to happily decline!

This journey (if you choose to take it) of dual-enrolled degrees is not easy. It's not impossible either. But take time to enjoy a Super Bowl here and there, treat your body well to stay as healthy as possible--and always make time for your friends and family. I can't say that enough!

Wish me luck on Tuesday! :)

Family Fun

January has been filled with surprises thus far! It is going to be an interesting year! I couldn't get through it without the help of my family. I know I talk about them a lot, but getting two doctorates is not an easy task. Having the love and support of my family makes it all better.

I can't believe that we will be counting down the days I have left at NUHS together. It's been a long time and let me tell you, I AM READY! :) I don't know if I am 100% ready to tackle the world full force yet, but I am ready to finally get out of this "student" status and try. I always feel so jealous when my husband gets to come home and talk about his workday while I have numbers to accomplish, boards to pass, and sanity to keep. It has definitely been an interesting ride--this school thing. I can't say that I've always tried my best or given my all, but I think I did what I could with what I had.

The best part of school is learning little things here and there that you can share with your family--not just the nutrition stuff or supplements, but learning about therapies that are available to the public! Before NUHS, I'd never heard of ear candling before. It's an old method to utilize a "candle" to act like a vacuum to remove any excess cerumen (wax) in your ear. It's painless and actually quite relaxing.

My brother using an ear candle with his wife.

Well, my family came over this weekend to share a meal with us and just hang out. We decided to bust open our ear candles to try! It was hilarious just watching everyone in my family try this one by one and fall asleep while holding the candle in their ear! We all had to be the "watch dogs" so that they wouldn't accidently let go! (ha ha) It was fun to share a little bit of what I get in school with them and they loved it!

My family always hears me complain and complain about how tired I am all the time or how overwhelmed I am, so finally they get a glimpse into the fun stuff we get to learn about! To clarify, we don't do ear candling in the clinic, but we learn about it briefly!

I'm off to clinic now and counting down the days--a little less than 90 days until you can call me a naturopathic physician!

Give Thanks

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend to share with your loved ones.

This week I only had clinic for two days due to the holidays and I got to fit in a couple patients, but I was so excited to get out of Illinois and see our extended family in Minnesota. We drove the whole 7 hours (super long) but it was more than worth it. There was an endless amount of amazing food, laughs and love. And yes, I did visit the "Mall of America" on Black Friday! :) 


I've dedicated this blog to all the things I am thankful for--like my little "niece" Rhyin, (pictured above), my little person full of JOY this weekend! We shouldn't only use one weekend of the year to reflect back on the things that are awesome in our lives, but it's definitely a nice reminder to give thanks!

My thanksgiving list:

1. My mother:


She exemplifies beauty and strength to me. I am definitely my mother's daughter. I love her so much and I am so thankful for all the sacrifices she has made for our family!

2.  My husband:


Ryan is an amazing man and I am so lucky to have him. Through all my complaining "girl" moments and everything else, he loves me more and more every day. He is going to be such an amazing dad one day and I can't wait to share more life adventures with him.

3. My brothers (and sister-in-law):


Having three older brothers with a strong mother has definitely made me who I am. They are always supportive of me! Plus my oldest brother and sister-in-law gave me my amazingly awesome nephew, Xander, who makes my life so much more than I could imagine.

4.  My two best friends, Maria and Rosie:


We've been friends for over 10 years and they definitely complete me. They were both my maids-of-honor in my wedding and will always be in my life forever! They are amazing!

5. My family and friends:


From my strong-willed grandparents to my hilarious and fashionable cousins to all my colleagues at NUHS. I am a lucky girl to have all these amazing people in my life who make me strive to be the better version of myself and show me that life is about LOVE and LAUGHTER--with a couple bumps in the road. :)

I could probably go on and on and on with what I am thankful for including the food I get to eat every day, the house I come home to, and the education that I have. What is on your THANKFUL list?