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Dirty Dashing

We had an amazing but packed weekend that followed a very busy week! 

It is nice to continue to stay busy in Student Clinic and began to see progress with patients. As most of you may know, naturopathic medicine IS very effective, however, it takes much more patient involvement, and sometimes more time. However in clinic, we've seen some amazing acute illnesses that have demonstrated HUGE improvement. It was very encouraging to see all of the amazing results that interns in the ND clinic are getting, which just continues to solidify even more WHY I love this profession! Among papers, assignments, finishing up charts, and then coming home to start "Insanity," I was ready for the weekend and now I'm sad that it's already over!

Indian Wedding

On Saturday, we had the honor of attending a good friend from high school's wedding! It was our first Indian wedding and we got to dress up and indulge in all the amazing and perfect food that they served! Yes, be jealous. :) We made some friends and learned a lot about the traditional Indian wedding. I always love dipping in so many different cultures and especially food! It really opens up your eyes to all the things the world has to offer! Which is endless!

Miravone -Indian -bride _web     Miravone -Indian -dress _web

Warrior Dash

Based on my pictures and blog title, you are probably wondering what it's all about. On Father's Day, my family came to spend the day with us. My husband, brother, sister-in-law, and I survived the Warrior Dash! It's a 3.3-mile course packed with different obstacles and the last one ends in a pool of mud that you have to army crawl through under barbed wire!

Miravone -showing -muscle _web     Miravone -Mudbath _web

The pictures are our before and after Warrior Dash! It was an amazing experience and although I started to get overheated, it was even more amazing to share the adventure with my family. I would recommend it to anyone! It's definitely challenging but more fun than anything. Afterwards, we took our muddy-selves back to my house and had a big barbeque to celebrate my brother's first Father's Day.

Miravone -jumping -fire _web

The weekend was very tiring and always on the go, but overall very fun. It was a huge way to end the long and tiring week. It was also a nice preview to my upcoming weekend of celebrating my nephew's first birthday on June 24 to a double celebration of my birthday on June 25 and 26!

Spending time with my family makes me really love life more and more! I think it's a huge aspect to surviving in any program at National. I've written about it quite often but having a huge support system other than colleagues and a significant other during school can be a huge continuous BLISSOR that you will NEED. So don't turn off the relationships that you have with people for 3.5 years because you think it might be "worth it." However at the same time, don't sacrifice your success in school to maintain the same level of relationships with everyone in your life. Find a balance!

Blissor: My family! :)

P90X: Complete!

Hello! So I know I've updated you all randomly about my p90x journey and it has come to an end! My husband and I have completed the rigorous three-month routine and we both feel absolutely amazing. We have not taken measurements yet, but so far my results after 3 months are awesome. I went from 33.6% body fat to 19.2%, which is amazing, and dropped to a size 6 pants/dress from a size 12. J I can't help but be happy - especially when people notice the change that you're making, it becomes even more rewarding! Some people have commented that Ryan and I just look more energized and upbeat, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Miravone -Gym _webNUHS Fitness Center

Working out has always been foreign to me because growing up, I always stuck my head in books and stayed away from getting involved heavily in sports. I've always had trouble with my confidence factor in everything other than my education. So after starting p90x, I feel my confidence in everything I've been doing has increased exponentially. The other huge improvement is our habit. We use to work out here and there, but after (and while) doing p90x, we started to build a good habit of working out one to two hours a day, six days a week. Now when we take a day off, we also feel "off."

As physicians in the alternative health care field, we will be recommending exercise to many patients. So for all of you that fit into my boat of being "not athletic," start working out now! Get accustomed to incorporating it into your life so that when you make recommendations to your patients, you will have your own personal experiences. When I was working under Dr. Solecki and studying functional rehab, I thought that only applied to people with symptoms or in pain. However, after working out and seeing the muscular changes in my body, I have come to realize that it's for EVERYONE.

Xander -MIravone _P90X_webMy nephew Xander and I.

Over the weekend, we went to Rockford to spend time with my family and of course, spend every minute we could with my nephew Xander. Classes are starting to get busier with papers, quizzes, and exams so I need to become more proactive in finishing everything early! It is definitely difficult to have classes/clinic in the summer when all I want to do is soak up some rays!

Blissor: p90x. It's an amazing work out plan that literally has changed my life and will definitely make me a better physician now that I am both physically and mentally healthy! 

April Fools

I love to HATE April. It's the month where there's warm weather but then NOT! It's a big tease for the amazing warm summer weather that we're all longing for. Plus it's full of tons of allergies for everyone. April 1st is my favorite day of my least favorite month because it's full of surprises. I pride myself in the fact that I am a BIG time gullible person. I got "April fooled" twice before noon! First, my cousin told me her marriage ended! Second, my brother told me he's not doing well in California and has to move back to Chicago! Not good jokes at all but they thought it was funny! Ha ha!

Final Trimester Push

As finals approach, all the professors feel like they want to challenge us EVEN more by adding long papers to write, tedious assignments to do that take forever but are worth a ½%, and case studies to complete! Oh the joys of graduate level courses! It's all fun, but boy is it VERY annoying. I feel like I'm a paper writing machine at this point, although the VERY positive (and reason) aspect is that I DID learn a lot. That's the point, right? Duh, Miravone! But just wait until you get to this point where you are freaking out about the gigantic list of finals and on top of that you have to write long papers with a minimum of 10-12 research journals. Ick!

Metagenics Seminar


This Sunday, my husband and I had the opportunity (with some colleagues) to attend a women's health seminar held by Metagenics concerning menopause, PCOS, and hormone imbalance in general. It was so informative! Although we've learned all the bits and pieces in school in multiple courses, it was very nice and refreshing to see it all put together to be applied clinically.

The seminar made me feel more excited to start Student Clinic in May, but nervous at the same time. My vision in our future clinic is to specialize in women's and pediatric health especially after attending this great seminar. However, those populations are the most sensitive and complex for many different reasons, so I am definitely nervous but excited all at once!

After the seminar (since we were in Chicago), we went to our favorite Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) restaurant in Vietnam Town called Pho 888. Amazing! It made the end of a long and tiring day very relaxing.


Overall, we had a good week and I'm still waiting on my third job interview to get back to me! Keep your fingers crossed! Take care everyone!

Blissor: My husband and I have completed 30 days of p90X and are moving into the second phase of the workout!

The Love Kitchen


Hi everyone. This has been a week of tough workouts, strict diets, and sore muscles. Among all that, I feel absolutely amazing! I have more energy, my "hunger pains" have decreased, and I've lost five pounds and two inches! All the hard work in just seven days has already paid off and we (my husband and I) are on the right track to being the healthier "us"! Although it has been a short time so far, this has been a reviving experience showing me my weaknesses but also my strengths.

This year has already flown by and I cannot believe that we are approaching spring soon, which means WARM WEATHER! Our personal goals through this training are not to only "look" healthy but to be able to participate in an upcoming 5K as well as a sprint (half) triathlon in July! I can say honestly that I have never had a goal like this. I've always relied on being the "brains" but not the "muscle" so I've used that as an excuse as to why I never excelled athletically. But that all changes this year! I want to prove to myself that I am capable of overcoming anything as long as I put effort to it! So keep me in your thoughts as I push forward towards my goal! Not only is LIVING a healthy life include eating right but working out right too!

We were tested hard this weekend as we headed to Michigan to visit my in-laws. We left on Thursday night and knew that we had two additional workouts to fit in (Friday and Saturday) plus we knew we had to control our eating habits with healthier options and portion control. Well guess what? We succeeded - and fortunately had so much patience and support from Ryan's family as we took about two hours of each day to work out before we spent a lot of time with them. Also when we went out to eat with my in-laws, we actually went to a Tapas restaurant (Spanish style small plates), which allowed us to eat small amounts of food but still feel satisfied and full. It all worked out and can work out for you in your lives too.

An awesome show just started on ABC called "Secret Millionaire" and I am officially addicted with tissues in hand. America was introduced to "The LOVE Kitchen," run by 82-year-old twins Ellen and Helen Turner to feed the Knoxville, Tenn. community. (For more information: It is so inspiring to see all the hard work that is done all around the world, and I know that even doing simple gestures or donating clothes/food can make the biggest difference in someone's life. So look up The LOVE Kitchen, get inspired, and go do something great today!

Blissor: My health. Since I am young and healthy now, I am happy that I have chosen to take control of my health! But it doesn't matter what age you are, it's not too late to be the better you! Have a great week everyone!

Trying New Things


Hellloooo worrrllddd!! My last week of midterms! To be completely honest, and it actually sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed midterms! This trimester has been amazing and refreshing so far. Although my credits are lower than when I was dually enrolled, I believe that this tri has been challenging in its own way.

One of the most challenging aspects of this trimester is that I have to switch my thinking modes. Although I try to eat, breathe and live naturopathic medicine, being exposed to a high percentage of physical medicine in clinic has helped me strengthen that aspect but also (possibly) overlook all the principles of naturopathic medicine (subconsciously).

It is awesome (and challenging) to be re-submersed into the medicine that I will practice mainly in the future, and be reminded of how amazing naturopathic medicine can be. Studying for these classes has been more enjoyable since I am in a clinical state of mind, and it's fun (yes, fun!) to re-learn and master everything and find the niche that I would like to incorporate in my future practice. I have encountered some discouraging moments, which has caused me to question everything I am doing, but having a supportive husband to get me back on track has made this trimester much more memorable.

This week, along with midterms, my husband and I started the famous and brutal P90X! We've had it stored for almost six months now and finally decided that our daily workouts have gotten boring and we wanted a challenge. And boy did we underestimate the intensity that we were getting ourselves into. So far, muscles I didn't know I could work out are sore, and laughing/sneezing/coughing makes me crouch in pain because of my abs. It is an insanely good feeling that I cannot explain to be challenged in this way, come out feeling this sore, but so good all at the same time! We are doing the full 90-day challenge, so 90 days from now I'll post (maybe) before and after pictures that will help inspire you to go above and beyond health wise!

Miravone -Two -sm
 We finished the week with a fun night in Chicago with friends visiting all the way from Alaska! (If you remember from last year, I went to Alaska at the end of May to be part of their wedding!) We used "Yelp" and found an amazing family-owned authentic Italian restaurant (Buona Terra on California Avenue) that was AWESOME! All of you should go and try it. Support a small business and have some delicious homemade creative Italian food! Then we went to this place called Outdoor Café that looks like a huge garden but is decked out inside with patio furniture and comfy couches. I love trying new things and can't wait to venture out into this big city more to find all the hidden jewels! You should, too!!

Blissor: My husband. He is my rock and ultimate support and I could not get through everything without him!

Miravone -Husband -sm