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My Farewell

Well, here we are guys. This is my last blog to you EVER. Can you believe it? We've been on this journey together for a LONG time now--ever since I started the chiropractic program all the way through finishing the naturopathic program! It has been a huge blessing to reflect every week on this blog not only to give you insight but for myself. Now I can look back and remember small details of my life that I may not have stored in my memory. That's the great thing about blogging.


I want to tell you about my week in sunny California. I am glad I will be able to share my experiences with you because it was absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure to shadow a naturopathic doctor in Monrovia, California. Dr. Jennifer Wicher was such an amazing influence not only from her point of view on patient care/management, but the fact that she is married, a mom, maintains a busy schedule (she has a waiting list), and has a great spirit about it all!

Dr. Jennifer Wicher and me

I was also able to speak with her husband who does a lot of the business aspects of her practice. The business "stuff" is not my forte and it was nice to speak to him and get some pointers. Since Illinois is not a licensed state yet, there are restrictions on many things that we are capable of doing including IV therapy, injections and prescriptive pharmaceuticals. In California, you are able to do all of that under your license.

I was able to observe Dr. Wicher perform numerous IV therapies from hydrogen peroxide to vitamins/minerals to using Ozone, which was SUPER cool. I also saw numerous joint injections, intramuscular injections and Ozone injections! She had awesome rapport with her patients and every patient had amazing improvements that urged them to refer patients to her. She had a very busy practice, spent quality time with each patient, had time to spend with her 2-year-old, and maintained a positive and grateful attitude about it all.

Dr. Jennifer Wincher

I am so glad that I randomly found her. I had to drive about 3 hours round-trip (with traffic) to her practice every day but it was MORE than worth it. We plan on keeping in touch and I am excited to potentially move out west one day (maybe) and have some awesome resources! I encourage each and every one of you to utilize your allotted observation days during clinic to travel to a licensed state like California (with a larger scope than others) and see the amazing things our profession has to offer! It is well worth the plane ticket fare!

Ryan and I at his friend's wedding site, a vineyard in
Temecula, California--on top of a mountain! Breathtaking!

My husband Ryan joined me in California for the weekend and we called this part of the trip our "Babymoon," which is basically a trip before the baby comes to enjoy each other's company and relax. We attended the wedding of one of his good friends and had an amazing time reconnecting with his friends from back home that have moved out to California.

We topped off the busy weekend with our first baby shower, which was lovingly thrown by my California family including my grandparents. So exciting! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends to share this new journey with and could not be more excited after seeing all the little baby clothes!

My grandparents with Ryan and me

Strangely enough, you have been a part of my life for some of my biggest life changes and events from starting school, getting married, graduating (twice), and then starting our baby adventure! I am truly saddened to say that the journey we have been on together has to end here, but I want to thank all of you that have taken your time to read my blogs. If anything, I hope I have been able to give you some honest insight into my life as a real person...not just another grad student. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

May you have a blessed journey as well no matter what path you choose! My last piece of advice: Find the good in all you do/choose. It will help you appreciate the beauty in all the obstacles!

Take care and God bless!

It's Baby Time

Yes, everyone! It is true! We are happy to announce that we are expecting and "Baby Dorough" will be making his/her debut in September of this year! We are so excited and have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we have received when we made the big announcement this weekend.


Are we scared? Nervous? Uneasy? Definitely! Words cannot express the love we already have for our little one, but we are definitely fully aware of the changes and sacrifices that we will and have already been conscious of making.

Being a professional woman with a career in mind can be difficult to imagine a life with a family and keeping that happy medium. In our medical field, it can definitely be challenging to commit fully to marketing yourself and building a patient base from the ground up while trying to raise a child, manage a household, and to be a good wife, I realize all of that. This is a surreal experience and we are just going with the "flow" at this point.

Life is definitely not 100% expected and there's always a twist and turn somewhere. Ryan and I have been so blessed to have unlimited amounts of support to get us through those twists and turns and this time it is no different. Expecting to have two incomes to live off of after I graduated gave us security. Now with a little one coming, it all changes whereas the bills won't! So we are in a position of uncertainty and question, but nonetheless, we are ready and very excited to take on this new level of maturity and raise another human being! 


Now you all might be wondering where this leaves my career? Well, I am asking myself that same question. I have always felt a great and deep purpose for naturopathic medicine and that has not changed one bit. However, this does change the immediate future in terms of my "career goals." My purpose has shifted and is geared more towards being an amazing mother and wife while my husband will be our main source of financial support. Does that scare us? Financially--Yes. Emotionally--Not at all.

Me as a naturopath won't change. My passion will remain a stronghold that will motivate me to fully cultivate it into a reality one day. Might not be by May like I had planned, but it will happen, I promise you that!

So wish us good health and luck as we venture into this amazing and unforgettable journey. I'll be sure to keep you updated while I can. Only 6 more weeks until I am officially free! :)

Counting Down

It seems surreal that this time next year, I will NOT be enrolled in school. It's exciting but scary at the same time. I have applied for over 30 potential jobs over the course of the past seven months and have been on about 10 interviews (phone and in-person). I have yet to accept a job offer although I've been offered positions, but after discussion with my husband, they are not "suitable" for me.

Having lunch with Ryan's parents and celebrating their 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

It's a struggle. I know some alumni in amazing associateships. Others have ventured out and set up their own practices. Others have found themselves in unhappy and unpleasant associate positions, and others are still searching. The big RED negative number [student loan debt] you get when you go through your exit counseling only freaks you out more…whoa! It puts a lot of things in perspective for you…especially for me. My husband and I both saw those big red numbers, and in about 9 weeks, I will see yet another red number.

So, reality hits.

Living as a student seems difficult based on the "salary" we are forced to be comfortable with since there really is no time to work outside of school, ESPECIALLY if you are dual-enrolled like me. But it almost seems easier to be a student living in the comfort of classroom hours, working under clinicians, and getting a nice "refund" check every trimester. I picked up my last refund check; I am on the way out in my last weeks at NUHS; and the future is there with open arms.

I really admire my husband for all the hard work he puts into his associateship. He's very happy and being treated very well, but he also works very hard! His days are long and packed with patients while managing the entire clinic on his own. As I sit and think about his experiences, it makes me nervous when I have those of my own. Especially now, almost two doctorates later, I feel like I have a lot more to prove than ever.

Just giving you a glimpse into the reality of it all. Choosing the school you want to accomplish these degrees is the easy part…getting through more than 14 trimesters is difficult but do-able...the story after all that is the tough part!

Ryan and I visiting with one of my best friends from college visiting from Ohio!

Thank goodness I have the support that I do! Seeing family and friends from out-of-town always lifts my spirits and motivates me to continue to seek a bright future for myself. The first step--the degree(s). After that, it's really all in your hands and what you make of it!

Celebrating Life

I started clinic on Tuesday thinking that my week was going to be very slow and also anticipating a slow schedule next week due to Thanksgiving. However, it was actually the opposite!

I finally got to see my first pediatric patient! It was exciting and very challenging to take a history from the mother and then do a physical exam on the tiny human patient! I will have to say that I was very blessed and lucky with my patient because he loved everything about the appointment and was so entertaining!

I've always wanted to go into women's health and pediatric health. This tri and last tri, I had so many patients with women's "problems;" it was difficult but still very rewarding. And now that I had my first pediatric patient, it definitely cemented my decision to do women's and pediatric health! I only hope we can get more pediatric patients in our clinic because it really gave me such a positive and very necessary experience.

One of my best friends, Rosie, playing "bride" while waiting
for our other best friend to change into wedding dresses!

My weekend was amazing as usual. I got to spend time with my two best friends as we shopped for Maria's wedding dress! After spending an entire day dress shopping, we went to support a very good friend as he had to say goodbye to his mother for the last time after losing her battle to breast cancer. Having two funerals in two weekends is definitely not expected, but celebrating life and being thankful for those people in our lives is just beautiful!

My best friends and I went back to my house and I hosted a "girls night." We cooked together, laughed a lot, and celebrated each other and life! It was a great reminder of all the things I am thankful for, which is family and friends! What a great segue into this Thanksgiving Week!        

Waiting for Maria to come and show us her first dress!

Stay tuned for next week's blog that will consist of my thankful list and food pictures! :)

Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy each other...enjoy life!

Blissor: Having a holiday that lets us all enjoy family, good food--and an excuse to stay in pajamas all day! :)

Celebration Galore!

July was a month packed with family visits, late nights spent in the city, a wedding, birthdays, and clinic! Can't forget the crazy storms and heat, too!

Ryan and I finally had some time to recuperate this weekend (somewhat). We had my cousin's wedding on Friday, which was amazing and beautiful, then had the weekend to soak up some vitamin D and work on projects we've set aside.


The above picture is from a birthday dinner celebration for Crystal, one of my colleagues that I have grown to really care for and respect! It was fun to unwind and get a night away to celebrate life.

My cousin Noorie got married on Friday (July 29th) and it was absolutely beautiful. It was the day I was looking forward to the entire week! It was a huge reunion for a lot of family that live close by but who I don't get to see too often--especially my great uncle who is struggling with liver cancer. He made it all the way from Wisconsin and it was so amazing to see him.



Hardest Part of the Program

When people ask me the HARDEST part of the program, I always jump to the typical answer: Time Management. However, with recent personal events in my family, including my great uncle fighting for his life against liver cancer, I would have to say the hardest part is: Knowledge.

Sounds weird right? Well, it definitely is the hardest. One of my colleagues just lost her mother to a sudden health condition and one of my closest family members just got diagnosed with Stage I colon cancer. It is definitely the HARDEST part of the program! From dealing with it on a personal level then coming to school and having to hear about different diseases, study them, and KNOW them. So when the day comes (hopefully not again) that another person close to me gets diagnosed with something, it strikes me in the heart because I know from the beginning to the end.

Best Part of the Program

But here is the BEST part of the program: Knowledge. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I just said it was the hardest but it also has its rewards. My very close family member that just got diagnosed with Stage I colon cancer doesn't understand the medical lingo very well, so I've been going to her doctor's appointments and will be there at her surgery in 3 weeks in order to communicate with her surgeon. I will also be there to help her recover, and will utilize my knowledge to make sure she avoids common surgical complications such as infection.

As I am going deeper into Tri 8 and almost finishing it up soon, my weaknesses have become more exposed, which has caused me to push myself further so that those weaknesses turn into strengths. Everything that I've gone through in both of these programs has definitely shaped the physician that I am today. And I know when I write my last blog next year in April, I will be an EVEN BETTER physician than I am right now. For all that, I am extremely thankful. So when you're facing tough situations with family or friends struggling with health conditions or you have fallen into unfortunate health, don't be discouraged but be empowered by the knowledge that is instilled and ingrained in you at NUHS!