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Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the Super Bowl! It was an exciting game, but to be honest, the half time show was the MOST exciting with all the celebrity debuts! :)

The best part of Super Bowl has to be the food. My girl cousins and I use this big football event as an excuse to just go crazy on lots of food while all the "boys" go crazy over the actual game. It was just a nice time to spend with family, have fun and memorable conversations, and take a break from everything else going on in life.

My aunt with all the amazing food she made for her Super Bowl party!

This week is going to be tough. I have the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam) exams on Tuesday that are all day and then resume back at clinic. It seems like the "fun" never seems to end. If studying for board exams wasn't enough, I have a full clinic schedule mixed in with preparation for my Grand Rounds presentation.

Grand Rounds is a presentation that we are required to do in front of our colleagues and any faculty or staff interested in topics we have researched. We are required to do one in 9th Tri and one in 10th Tri. Last trimester, my presentation was on Botanicals during Pregnancy, which turned out to be great. This time around, I've been so focused on studying for board exams, that I still have to pick my topic plus start all the grueling research!

People ask me all the time, "Aren't you ready to be done already?!" I can't seem to answer that question fast enough! To all my readers, YES, I AM READY! It has been a long but quick 5 years that I've spent at NUHS getting my bachelor's, chiropractic and soon my naturopathic degree. Some of the professors joke all the time that I should just round everything out and do the AOM program but I have to happily decline!

This journey (if you choose to take it) of dual-enrolled degrees is not easy. It's not impossible either. But take time to enjoy a Super Bowl here and there, treat your body well to stay as healthy as possible--and always make time for your friends and family. I can't say that enough!

Wish me luck on Tuesday! :)

Respiratory Acidosis

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Hello everyone! So what is the whole deal with my blog title? Well, exactly what it says! I have Naturopathic Part I boards tomorrow morning and I am freaking out! So respiratory acidosis equals hyperventilation! The Naturopathic boards are similar to allopathic medical boards, so I've been using the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) review books to prepare myself, and boy there is a lot of stuff that I threw out thinking I wouldn't need again.

It's been the most intense and toughest eight weeks of studying. It's very different considering I haven't had courses like biochemistry, physiology of any kind, microbiology, and pathology for almost three to four years, so studying has turned into re-learning! However, it has all been slightly enjoyable, which is a weird thing for me to admit.

My passion for internal medicine comes from my love for problem solving and love for my patients, but without a strong grasp on the basic sciences I know that I will not be successful. Diving back into pathways full of enzymes, anatomy full of innervations and blood supply, and more has been rewarding for me and I know that it will be essential and even more important for my patients.

So, what is the point of me telling you all this? Well 1) Pray for me! (hehe). But most important, 2) VALUE YOUR BASIC SCIENCES EDUCATION! Despite the difficulty of it all, we have some of the best professors from all different walks of life that are teaching you the core of what they know best…so take it and truly value it. I didn't really take it that seriously and just got by. I got good grades but when one trimester was done, all that information was put on the back burner as well. Don't do that!

When you're taking approximately 26-29 credits on average (in just ONE degree program), all the information you get definitely gets very overwhelming. However, put a lot of effort into preserving your brain cells to soak in all the information as much as possible so that you will be even more beneficial to your patients whether you are doing physical or internal medicine!

All right, it's time to hit the books one last time before I take the big test! Wish me luck everyone! Have a good week and if you're in the Midwest, drive safely during the predicted blizzard!!

One Down

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So all that whining, sleepless nights, long study sessions, and sacrifices eventually paid off! I graduated from the Doctor of Chiropractic Program December 16, 2010! It was an amazing feeling to finally walk across that stage, get "hooded," and shake Dr. Winterstein's hand as he said, "Congratulations, Dr. Dorough."

Although having a winter graduation is not ideal, it was absolutely astonishing how filled the auditorium was! I had about 20 people that came just for me and my dad even came all the way from Alaska! No matter how much I had to go through to get to graduation, my family and friends were always there for me. They are an integral part to my success.

Miravone -grad1
Over break, I had the chance to spend a lot of time with family. We hosted Christmas at our house for the first time. We cooked a lot of good food and celebrated together especially since it was Xander's first Christmas.

Miravone -3
After getting through the holiday fun, I had to get my butt back into gear! I had fun celebrating graduation plus the holidays, however I had to think about the future - back to school AND Naturopathic boards. I started to "lightly" study over break as much as I could mentally and physically tolerate. It is definitely a battle to go back to Tri 1-Tri 6 and review everything! (Plus naturopathic boards are known to be harder than Part 1 chiropractic boards requiring a higher standard to pass.)

The first week of school went great! Getting back to being a student isn't foreign to me since I had classes even through DC clinic, but the best part is that I am ONLY an ND student so my schedule is very open. I am planning on possibly working part-time doing acupuncture or finding a position I could fill in part-time since my schedule will be changing every four months. We will see what doors open for me, but no matter what this is an exciting time!

Attending classes and having the experience I've had in the chiropractic program has been amazing nonetheless. I find myself being able to interact in class with a completely different perspective. I am excited for what is to come. Even though February 1 can wait, I know that I will be prepared enough to get through the next phase.

Oh, and to end on a very positive and exciting note: I passed Part IV chiropractic boards that I took in November in Los Angeles!

Have a great week everyone!!

One Step Closer

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I can't even believe it. The dread and gloominess of Part Four Boards has completely subsided. Well, except for the waiting until the scores are posted. But like Dr. Ed Bifulco says, "You passed until proven otherwise!" So I will live by that until December 27th comes and my scores tell me otherwise!

Our trip started with a horrible and uncomfortable flight that seemed like double the time, and we arrived at the airport late and our bags almost didn't make the flight with us! Thank goodness that they did! Then, Thursday (before the exam), we both almost came down with what seemed like the stomach flu but ended up subsiding about 8 hours before the exam! Thank God! Then to top it off, we both brought dress pants for the clinical portion of the exam but forgot a professional button-up shirt!!! So we had to go shopping the night before my time for the exam on Saturday. It definitely intensified the stress that I was ALREADY feeling.

Being in California and trying to study and prepare for boards was harder than I imagined. Since all my family is there, all I wanted to do was hang out with them and just rely on how much I've already studied before flying here. But I couldn't do that to myself. And to my wallet! Part Four Boards were about $1,200, not including the $300 flight there! So Jackie and I sucked it up and studied in small coffee shops in the area, still enjoying the amazing 80º sunny and PERFECT weather.

After Jackie was done with her exam on Sunday, my family put together this huge celebratory barbecue get-together! It was amazing! Everyone came over and we had a huge party. I love my family so much and I only wish I could see them more often than just a couple times a year. It is so amazing to have such a supportive family. They provided us with a place to stay, food to eat, and a car to drive to and from our tests! Then, they threw us a big party to just let loose and see everyone. They are truly amazing.

Miravone -Cousin -sm
After our weekend of exams was over, we had the chance to drive and spend the whole day in San Diego (one of my favorite cities in California). We got to visit La Jolla Beach's "black sanded beaches" (that were not too black anymore), Cabrillo Memorial and National Park, and visit some more family!

Miravone -Ryan -in -Cave -1_1
We had a couple more days before heading back and getting back to the real world. We got back at midnight on Wednesday and I had a Homeopathy exam on Thursday at 8am. Oh, the joys of being a dual enrolled student. The fun never ends!

Have a great week everyone!

Almost There

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Have you ever studied from 11am to 4am in the morning? I have! I know most college students have had the chance to experience a "true" all-nighter, but this is the closest I've been to a pure study marathon. My husband went out of town this weekend, and I had a couple friends from school come over and participate in a grueling study marathon for Part IV boards this coming weekend. (In the picture, Jackie and I are studying using my teddy bear to demonstrate orthopedic tests! Ha ha)

Miravone -Bear
I have to be honest and say… I am scared! Like I've already talked about before, Part IV boards are a clinical/practical exam that lasts two whole days. The first day is all radiology. Basically you walk into a room, look at an X-Ray or MRI, and diagnose or pick the findings. The following day consists of demonstrating orthopedic tests, chiropractic manipulations, and physical exams along with answering diagnoses and treatment/management.

It should be pretty straight forward considering we have received such an amazing education here, right? Um no. Our education has been great HOWEVER the things the board may choose to test you on may be things: 1) orthopedic tests/physical exam methods that we will NEVER USE; 2) clinically, it does not translate to how I treat patients because a lot of the treatment comes from an "old school" of thought since all chiropractic schools are so different; and 3) biggest of all, I will not read my own X-rays!

So what do I do? Pray! Enjoy the palm trees and 80-degree weather (Did I mention I'm taking them in my hometown of Whittier, California?) and Breathe! I am looking forward to my trip with my good friend from school especially since I will get to see my family plus our husbands will be joining us as well! But I look forward to this time next week when I am reflecting on my experience and crossing my fingers that I have passed!

And I have that amazingly cute picture of my nephew that I'm putting on my graduation announcements, that Yes…. his aunt is going to be a doctor. So that little face and big eyes makes all this work worth it.