Experience as an Observer

I spent this past week at an integrative medical practice observing a medical doctor provide "natural" injection therapy for patients with anything from trigger points to osteoarthritis of the knee. At first I was actually skeptical of how "natural" injections were considering it was an injection, which is pretty invasive, and definitely not anything we have the opportunity to perform or be exposed to in clinic. 

However, after speaking with the medical doctor and his patients, it was amazing to see the impact his care was doing in conjunction with chiropractic care. He was injecting a homeopathic remedy called Serapin, which is similar to what we learn in school as Traumeel (contains mainly Arnica) as a potent anti-inflammatory. The medical doctor himself revealed that when he was asked to be part of this treatment protocol, he was very skeptical himself. He did not think there was any way for the "homeopathic remedy" to work as well as something like a corticosteroid. However, after utilizing this treatment modality for 6-7 months now with multiple patients, he has admitted that he has "converted" to a believer in non-invasive and gentle therapy such as homeopathy! What a huge accomplishment for us as naturopaths!

After all, we are not in this medical profession alone but we are surrounded by brilliant and knowledgeable medical doctors who may start off just as skeptical as the medical doctor I observed. But our medicine works! Most of the patients at this clinic are part of the geriatric community, already take tons of pharmaceuticals, and are not willing or able to participate in all the "lifestyle changes" we may want to make before resorting to something like an injection. So, I completely learned to understand and respect the medicine that was being practiced at this clinic and became very impressed. Due to HIPPA, I could not provide you with pictures of the actual injections I witnessed but it was a very awesome experience!


And the people we got to work with were great! They even had a potluck while we were there that we participated in! (The picture above shows the food and some of the therapists at the clinic.)     


The patient population I see at school is mainly 20-50 years of age, which is still very young, while the clinic I observed this week ranged mainly from 50-90 years of age! That is a huge difference in how treatment must be delivered and patient management in general. It was a great experience to be exposed to something so different and a fun break from being on campus all day long!

My grandma and I at dinner after my family picked me up at the airport!

Now, I am (don't be jealous) writing this blog from sunny Southern California! I am actually sitting enjoying a cup of coffee (just ONE cup) while waiting to head into my next clinic adventure with a licensed naturopathic doctor. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I have absolutely no idea what type of patient population I will be exposed to but just love that I get to be in California. Driving in morning rush hour traffic isn't so bad when you have mountains and palm trees surrounding your view! :)

Next week will be my last blog for you guys...for good! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to share with you my experience in California and hope you have enjoyed my blurbs thus far. :) Take care and have a good & sunny week!

Oh, and here is my 16-week baby bump! 


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