It's Baby Time

Yes, everyone! It is true! We are happy to announce that we are expecting and "Baby Dorough" will be making his/her debut in September of this year! We are so excited and have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we have received when we made the big announcement this weekend.


Are we scared? Nervous? Uneasy? Definitely! Words cannot express the love we already have for our little one, but we are definitely fully aware of the changes and sacrifices that we will and have already been conscious of making.

Being a professional woman with a career in mind can be difficult to imagine a life with a family and keeping that happy medium. In our medical field, it can definitely be challenging to commit fully to marketing yourself and building a patient base from the ground up while trying to raise a child, manage a household, and to be a good wife, I realize all of that. This is a surreal experience and we are just going with the "flow" at this point.

Life is definitely not 100% expected and there's always a twist and turn somewhere. Ryan and I have been so blessed to have unlimited amounts of support to get us through those twists and turns and this time it is no different. Expecting to have two incomes to live off of after I graduated gave us security. Now with a little one coming, it all changes whereas the bills won't! So we are in a position of uncertainty and question, but nonetheless, we are ready and very excited to take on this new level of maturity and raise another human being! 


Now you all might be wondering where this leaves my career? Well, I am asking myself that same question. I have always felt a great and deep purpose for naturopathic medicine and that has not changed one bit. However, this does change the immediate future in terms of my "career goals." My purpose has shifted and is geared more towards being an amazing mother and wife while my husband will be our main source of financial support. Does that scare us? Financially--Yes. Emotionally--Not at all.

Me as a naturopath won't change. My passion will remain a stronghold that will motivate me to fully cultivate it into a reality one day. Might not be by May like I had planned, but it will happen, I promise you that!

So wish us good health and luck as we venture into this amazing and unforgettable journey. I'll be sure to keep you updated while I can. Only 6 more weeks until I am officially free! :)

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