It's Getting Closer

I still can't believe it. I am closer to graduation and it's getting very REAL.This upcoming week will be my last week at the inner city clinic I spoke about before, and then I have about 2 more weeks until my 2 weeks of observation off campus! Then when I get back, I will have about 4 days left of clinic before graduation week! It's so crazy!

I remember this similar feeling when I was graduating from the chiropractic program, but the feeling was halted by the sense that my graduation was only the mark of the beginning of the naturopathic program. While all my colleagues were putting their business plans into action, interviewing for associate positions, or packing up and moving back home, I was studying and preparing for my 11th trimester! It was still an exciting time considering it is still a HUGE accomplishment. However, it was bittersweet for me.


Now I sit here, writing one of my last blogs ever, preparing for a new journey in my life, and feeling an amazing amount of joy and peace! It's still very stressful realizing that I am still at that place again--not completing a business plan or interviewing for any associate positions, but preparing a nursery, utilizing the summer to relax, and enjoying life without the pressures of school. I feel much better about it all than I thought.

You might hear over and over again about the "Numbers Game" in clinic. There are high expectations and huge requirements that are obligated for you to pass your clinic internship, and the naturopathic program has definitely trumped the chiropractic program in my opinion! I learned so much from both programs on many different levels, but because the naturopathic program is still relatively young at NUHS, there are different struggles that we face. The numbers were driving me crazy but definitely did not affect my ability to give my patients the best care possible. And our clinicians were right, if you treat your patients right, the numbers will take care of themselves.

As I am heading into my last couple weeks with patients on campus, I am feeling more comfortable than ever about my competency AND numbers. Although I won't be out in practice right away, I have been able to soak up the experience the best way I could. I struggled, I cried, I became frustrated on the verge of walking away--but looking back now, I can appreciate the obstacles I've had to overcome and above all else, I've had the best patients ever! :)

I only hope you will be able to soak up my experience no matter what school or program you choose! Take care of people and they will take care of you. :) Here's to my last weeks here at National!!

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