Double Time

The next three weeks are going to seem like the longest three weeks of my life. In addition to the long days I spend in clinic in Lombard, I will also be going to the Salvation Army clinic in the city from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. After treating patients under Dr. Charles Kuehner at that clinic, I will head directly back into the suburbs to treat my patients there until 7:00 p.m. This makes for super long days including all the traffic and traveling. Please keep me in your thoughts as I try to get through the long days and short sleep schedules while trying to maintain my sanity!

The population that gets treated at Salvation Army is an amazing group of individuals. They are all either suffering from drug abuse, alcohol abuse or both, with a variety of lifestyle factors that have led to chronic and severe diseases. Yet they have taken it upon themselves to go for change, even after everything they have been through in their lives. Salvation Army is like a refuge for them to get back on their feet. They get jobs to help out the community (ex., working the warehouse of the Salvation Army thrift stores), they get rehab programs, complimentary alternative medical care (from us!), along with room and board for a period of time to help them through rehab.

I went through a two-week rotation already as a chiropractic intern, however, it is a completely different experience as a naturopathic intern. We help support the chiropractic treatment plans along with addressing nutritional goals and nutrient depletions, and we help encourage the patient to maintain an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. I've only been there one day so far, and I absolutely love it. It calls for early mornings with tons of traffic for me, however, it is a great experience for the patient and for me. It will be a long three weeks, but I know in the end, I will be more grateful for the experience.

This weekend, I got the chance to meet up for coffee with Chet, a college friend who was in town. It was awesome to catch up since we haven't seen each other since my wedding, which was 2-1/2 years ago!

My friend Chet and I

I also had the privilege to share in the celebration of two of my colleagues as they celebrated opening their brand new chiropractic clinics! In the picture below are Ryan and I with David Kim, whom I graduated with, and Lesley Wong, who I worked with heavily in SACA.

Miravone -Foursome
David Kim, Ryan, Lesley Wong, and myself

You might recognize the next picture, too! It's a past fellow blogger, John Cress, who has just recently opened up his new clinic in Arlington Heights!

John Cress and myself 

It was such a joy to see all the success around me and made me even more excited when Ryan and I got to bask in all that! :) 

Have a good week everyone!

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