Counting Down

It seems surreal that this time next year, I will NOT be enrolled in school. It's exciting but scary at the same time. I have applied for over 30 potential jobs over the course of the past seven months and have been on about 10 interviews (phone and in-person). I have yet to accept a job offer although I've been offered positions, but after discussion with my husband, they are not "suitable" for me.

Having lunch with Ryan's parents and celebrating their 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

It's a struggle. I know some alumni in amazing associateships. Others have ventured out and set up their own practices. Others have found themselves in unhappy and unpleasant associate positions, and others are still searching. The big RED negative number [student loan debt] you get when you go through your exit counseling only freaks you out more…whoa! It puts a lot of things in perspective for you…especially for me. My husband and I both saw those big red numbers, and in about 9 weeks, I will see yet another red number.

So, reality hits.

Living as a student seems difficult based on the "salary" we are forced to be comfortable with since there really is no time to work outside of school, ESPECIALLY if you are dual-enrolled like me. But it almost seems easier to be a student living in the comfort of classroom hours, working under clinicians, and getting a nice "refund" check every trimester. I picked up my last refund check; I am on the way out in my last weeks at NUHS; and the future is there with open arms.

I really admire my husband for all the hard work he puts into his associateship. He's very happy and being treated very well, but he also works very hard! His days are long and packed with patients while managing the entire clinic on his own. As I sit and think about his experiences, it makes me nervous when I have those of my own. Especially now, almost two doctorates later, I feel like I have a lot more to prove than ever.

Just giving you a glimpse into the reality of it all. Choosing the school you want to accomplish these degrees is the easy part…getting through more than 14 trimesters is difficult but do-able...the story after all that is the tough part!

Ryan and I visiting with one of my best friends from college visiting from Ohio!

Thank goodness I have the support that I do! Seeing family and friends from out-of-town always lifts my spirits and motivates me to continue to seek a bright future for myself. The first step--the degree(s). After that, it's really all in your hands and what you make of it!

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