GF/DF Status = 3 Weeks

Are you wondering what my title stands for? Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free! I jumped on the bandwagon… finally.

Kabobs _webGrowing up in an Asian household, I was fortunate enough to be raised with amazing home-cooked Laotian meals every day. My mom was very adamant about keeping us far from the "Standard American Diet" as long as possible. I didn't start regularly eating from the "SAD" until high school, and more heavily in college (more consistently than before). 

From that point on, I started to gain more weight, had more gastrointestinal problems, and had a huge issue with acne. I never had acne through puberty or high school! I ignored the correlation with ALL those symptoms to diet, even though it was an obvious link. So through my blogs, you can all see that I've been raising my standards with my health lately. As I journeyed through p90x with my husband, we also focused a lot on our diet. We minimized our intake of processed foods, refined sugars, and refined carbs. I thought that with all that work, I would definitely feel overall better. 

EVERYTHING felt better (energy, muscularly, mentally), however I still had some GI bloating and digestive issues every night that I just dealt with. Then I started to REALLY look at what I ate and even went to see an ND intern. I LOVE food that contains gluten AND I love having yogurt in my protein shakes, but I realized that it was not worth it if I felt the way I did every night. 

So it's been three weeks since I have been gluten/dairy free, and I'm on a couple of supplements to start gut healing. My experience thus far has been pretty easy overall because we eat and cook at home most of the week. However when we have eaten out, it's been more challenging for me to look for options that are gluten free. I've even had to ask the chef more than once about many menu items. So it can be difficult if you are use to eating out all the time, but the benefit pays off - trust me! Because you guessed it, I FEEL AMAZING! It's only been 3 weeks but that's all that it takes! 

Since I've entered this gluten/dairy free realm, all the alternatives that are out there now are actually VERY TASTY! Since a large number of the population has been demanding it, I think the products have been getting better and better. For example, I was craving pancakes but got sad because it obviously has 90% gluten! Well, my husband found a gluten-free pancake mix and made them for me and they tasted BETTER than regular pancakes! So there is hope out there for all of you to try it out for yourselves. (Not that eating pancakes in general is healthy, but just using that as an example!) Coconut Bliss is also amazing! Gluten/dairy free ice cream! It's better than the real thing… seriously! :) 

Blissor: Bob's Red Mill - All their products are great! They even make gluten free brownies, cookies and pancakes, which are AMAZING! :) 

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