Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day (belated) everyone! This holiday is usually filled with barbeques, weddings and getting a day off of school. However, the day has such an important significance that it is easy to be overlooked. Thank you to all the veterans, active military and fallen soldiers that have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to ensure the integrity of our country. It is an amazing career and calling that they have chosen, and I am forever grateful for the courageous men and women dedicating their lives every day for all of us. I have lost some high school friends over the years to the turmoil and war overseas, and I will never forget the impact they have had on the country!

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ND Clinic Format

So this trimester has been amazing so far, with many chances to learn more and more. One of the major differences between the chiropractic and naturopathic clinic is the beginning and end of the shift. The beginning of the ND clinic has something called "Preview," which is a way for everyone to go around and briefly present their patients for that day. Then after everyone presents their "briefs," the clinician or another colleague can pick the case that he/she would like to hear more details about. From there, you are required to know everything about the patient case to your best knowledge without looking at the patient chart and also be prepared to answer any and every possible question either concerning the patient case or questions related to the case, diagnosis or treatment. It is a very interactive component of clinic, but it can be very intimidating.

At the end of the shift, we do something very similar called "Review," in which we have the same format but discuss the patient progress as well as any changes that are necessary. The time is open and available for presentation of the case as well as questions from the clinicians or colleagues. Overall, it is an amazing way to learn from each other, as well as practice speaking with your colleagues utilizing only medical terminology or "lingo" as much as you can. It prepares you to be able to communicate with fellow allopathic colleagues as well.

Well, so far in clinic, I have been picked for both preview and review…actually I was picked the first day of clinic! It was very intimidating since the group is made up of continuing education chiropractic physicians and medical physicians. Since the formality is new to me, I thought I was going to freeze because I have a confidence issue. However, everyone was so supportive that it was easy to just jump right in. If there is something I am not sure of or misspeak, I know my colleagues are there for me because we are all learning together!

So my Blissor this week: Being a part of an amazing naturopathic community with lots of love and support.

Have a great short work/school week everyone!! :) Enjoy the weather and don't get sunburned! 

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