First official week of clinic = done, successful and exhausted! Getting back into the swing of clinic once again reminded me of my strengths and weaknesses. The best part is being with a group of people that are very encouraging, supportive and intelligent! The group of interns that I have the pleasure to work with is great in many ways and I know that I will definitely learn a lot from them. The clinicians also have been very supportive and understanding as all of the eighth trimester interns are getting into the clinic groove with treating patients, writing SOAP notes and getting accustomed to all the paper work.

Although I've been through a year of clinic already from the chiropractic program, being in the ND clinic is completely different with different standards, paperwork, patient types, and treatment modalities. I already feel challenged just thinking about all the information that I have to pull out of my brain in order to deliver the best care possible for the patient. Overall, the week was a success however I felt exhausted!

For anyone that is interested in coming to see me or any of the other lovely interns I'm with, here are the hours:

  • Tuesday 2:30-7pm
  • Wednesday 1:30-7pm
  • Thursday 12:30-7pm

If you make an appointment, just make sure to request me! :) Expect your first visit to be LONG (1-2 hours) due to the fact that we are interns and have to check in with our clinicians at every step, but if you are student, it is so important to experience the medicine that you are going into! :)

Miravone 3-friends -grad _webAt my friend's college graduation.

After an exhausting mental and physical week, a relaxing weekend was well needed and that's what we got! Ryan and I went to Rockford to spend time with my family and it was rejuvenation for me. We celebrated one of my best friend's graduating from college with her English degree, and spent a lot of time with my adorable nephew Xander. After lots of food, laughs, and baby kisses, we had to leave, but I can't wait to see him again!

Xander -Ryan _275 Xander -Grandmas _275

The first picture above just shows how much fun he is! He loved playing with his Uncle Ryan and our dog Oliver! And to top it all off, my grandma flew from California to spend the summer here and she finally got to meet Xander (her first great-grandson), shown above.

Miravone -Xander _May 24_320

Blissor: My nephew Xander. He is so much fun!! 

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