April Fools

I love to HATE April. It's the month where there's warm weather but then NOT! It's a big tease for the amazing warm summer weather that we're all longing for. Plus it's full of tons of allergies for everyone. April 1st is my favorite day of my least favorite month because it's full of surprises. I pride myself in the fact that I am a BIG time gullible person. I got "April fooled" twice before noon! First, my cousin told me her marriage ended! Second, my brother told me he's not doing well in California and has to move back to Chicago! Not good jokes at all but they thought it was funny! Ha ha!

Final Trimester Push

As finals approach, all the professors feel like they want to challenge us EVEN more by adding long papers to write, tedious assignments to do that take forever but are worth a ½%, and case studies to complete! Oh the joys of graduate level courses! It's all fun, but boy is it VERY annoying. I feel like I'm a paper writing machine at this point, although the VERY positive (and reason) aspect is that I DID learn a lot. That's the point, right? Duh, Miravone! But just wait until you get to this point where you are freaking out about the gigantic list of finals and on top of that you have to write long papers with a minimum of 10-12 research journals. Ick!

Metagenics Seminar


This Sunday, my husband and I had the opportunity (with some colleagues) to attend a women's health seminar held by Metagenics concerning menopause, PCOS, and hormone imbalance in general. It was so informative! Although we've learned all the bits and pieces in school in multiple courses, it was very nice and refreshing to see it all put together to be applied clinically.

The seminar made me feel more excited to start Student Clinic in May, but nervous at the same time. My vision in our future clinic is to specialize in women's and pediatric health especially after attending this great seminar. However, those populations are the most sensitive and complex for many different reasons, so I am definitely nervous but excited all at once!

After the seminar (since we were in Chicago), we went to our favorite Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) restaurant in Vietnam Town called Pho 888. Amazing! It made the end of a long and tiring day very relaxing.


Overall, we had a good week and I'm still waiting on my third job interview to get back to me! Keep your fingers crossed! Take care everyone!

Blissor: My husband and I have completed 30 days of p90X and are moving into the second phase of the workout!

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