It's Already Over? Noo...


Hey, everyone! Yes, it is that dreaded time again. Finals! Although my schedule is much more abbreviated than EVERY other trimester I've been here, I cannot believe the amount of tedious assignments that I've had, from writing cases to five-page papers PLUS studying for the finals I have next week. What you should get used to is having anywhere from 10 to14 finals, which is very different from undergrad. Some of the classes here have both a lecture portion as well as lab portion and you will most likely have finals (written and practical) in both of those classes. Don't freak out yet because you WILL get through it with hard work and diligence!  

This week went by quick because we had Ryan's mom and little cousin visit us from Michigan on their spring break. We had fun going shopping with them, getting pedicures (well, not Ryan ), and eating amazing food! Then we got bad news that Ryan's grandpa was in the hospital and we rushed to Michigan to spend time with him and the family over the weekend. Overall, it was a stressful weekend due to his grandpa's health problems, but also finishing up all the assignments that I had so I could focus on studying! But Ryan's grandpa is back home now and doing much better so we are very happy and relieved about that. 

My finals line-up is not that bad this time around. I have one to two finals every day from Monday to Thursday next week, and I am ready to get them over with! After finals, we are doing an "Earth Day 5k" and I think I'm more nervous about that! Ha ha! Our good friends just did a half marathon over the weekend and I am freaking out about a 5k! I know, I know… it's only a little over three miles so I hope all this working out (6 days a week) kicks in that day! 

Well, enjoy the weather (spring is coming or here?) and study hard if you have finals coming up like me! I will see you all in bright and sunny May!! 

Blissor: My amazing relationship with my awesome mother-in-law. She's such an inspiration and huge support for Ryan and I!

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