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Hellloooo worrrllddd!! My last week of midterms! To be completely honest, and it actually sounds crazy, but I really enjoyed midterms! This trimester has been amazing and refreshing so far. Although my credits are lower than when I was dually enrolled, I believe that this tri has been challenging in its own way.

One of the most challenging aspects of this trimester is that I have to switch my thinking modes. Although I try to eat, breathe and live naturopathic medicine, being exposed to a high percentage of physical medicine in clinic has helped me strengthen that aspect but also (possibly) overlook all the principles of naturopathic medicine (subconsciously).

It is awesome (and challenging) to be re-submersed into the medicine that I will practice mainly in the future, and be reminded of how amazing naturopathic medicine can be. Studying for these classes has been more enjoyable since I am in a clinical state of mind, and it's fun (yes, fun!) to re-learn and master everything and find the niche that I would like to incorporate in my future practice. I have encountered some discouraging moments, which has caused me to question everything I am doing, but having a supportive husband to get me back on track has made this trimester much more memorable.

This week, along with midterms, my husband and I started the famous and brutal P90X! We've had it stored for almost six months now and finally decided that our daily workouts have gotten boring and we wanted a challenge. And boy did we underestimate the intensity that we were getting ourselves into. So far, muscles I didn't know I could work out are sore, and laughing/sneezing/coughing makes me crouch in pain because of my abs. It is an insanely good feeling that I cannot explain to be challenged in this way, come out feeling this sore, but so good all at the same time! We are doing the full 90-day challenge, so 90 days from now I'll post (maybe) before and after pictures that will help inspire you to go above and beyond health wise!

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 We finished the week with a fun night in Chicago with friends visiting all the way from Alaska! (If you remember from last year, I went to Alaska at the end of May to be part of their wedding!) We used "Yelp" and found an amazing family-owned authentic Italian restaurant (Buona Terra on California Avenue) that was AWESOME! All of you should go and try it. Support a small business and have some delicious homemade creative Italian food! Then we went to this place called Outdoor Café that looks like a huge garden but is decked out inside with patio furniture and comfy couches. I love trying new things and can't wait to venture out into this big city more to find all the hidden jewels! You should, too!!

Blissor: My husband. He is my rock and ultimate support and I could not get through everything without him!

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