Celebrating Life

I started clinic on Tuesday thinking that my week was going to be very slow and also anticipating a slow schedule next week due to Thanksgiving. However, it was actually the opposite!

I finally got to see my first pediatric patient! It was exciting and very challenging to take a history from the mother and then do a physical exam on the tiny human patient! I will have to say that I was very blessed and lucky with my patient because he loved everything about the appointment and was so entertaining!

I've always wanted to go into women's health and pediatric health. This tri and last tri, I had so many patients with women's "problems;" it was difficult but still very rewarding. And now that I had my first pediatric patient, it definitely cemented my decision to do women's and pediatric health! I only hope we can get more pediatric patients in our clinic because it really gave me such a positive and very necessary experience.

One of my best friends, Rosie, playing "bride" while waiting
for our other best friend to change into wedding dresses!

My weekend was amazing as usual. I got to spend time with my two best friends as we shopped for Maria's wedding dress! After spending an entire day dress shopping, we went to support a very good friend as he had to say goodbye to his mother for the last time after losing her battle to breast cancer. Having two funerals in two weekends is definitely not expected, but celebrating life and being thankful for those people in our lives is just beautiful!

My best friends and I went back to my house and I hosted a "girls night." We cooked together, laughed a lot, and celebrated each other and life! It was a great reminder of all the things I am thankful for, which is family and friends! What a great segue into this Thanksgiving Week!        

Waiting for Maria to come and show us her first dress!

Stay tuned for next week's blog that will consist of my thankful list and food pictures! :)

Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy each other...enjoy life!

Blissor: Having a holiday that lets us all enjoy family, good food--and an excuse to stay in pajamas all day! :)

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