Life is Good

Life is amazing! Being able to have the weekends to unwind from a stressful week is how I reboot myself.

Many of you have written me and have considered the dual programs. The most common question I always get is, "What's the hardest aspect of being dual enrolled?" And I continuously answer the same. The hardest part for me is preventing myself from being completely burned out.

I recently had my Cortisol levels tested, which measure how well your body handles stress. Well, my results show that I am completely burned out. My adrenals are having a hard time dealing with the continuous stress that I've put myself under. Makes sense right? So, how am I recuperating? I often ask myself what or how I can de-stress myself so that I don't fall apart.


The picture above is my "medicine" so far. I love spending time with my family, and my nephew Xander brightens up my life and day! He is the light of all of our lives, and Ryan and I are so grateful to have him. I keep this picture as my desktop picture so that I can look at it anytime I am stressed out. His picture is also on my phone! :) I know, I know, I am officially obsessed!


My weekend was fun packed (as usual!) with family time since my brother is still in town from California. We visited Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove (it's our annual fall family tradition). My sister-in-law's sister's family also joined us from Minnesota. The weather was impeccable this weekend and I only wish that it could be that way the whole year!


The next day we had the pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Chicago and see the famous "Bean."

My nephew Xander at the bean.

I have found myself slowly draining every time I turn into campus and park my car. I have to take a deep breath before grabbing my white coat and the millions of bags that I carry. I say a quick little prayer that I will be able to endure more days until graduation. Recap: I've been on this campus for almost FIVE years…so my "visit" has been long overdue. Don't get me wrong; I am very grateful for the education that I have received. However, I am ready to be set free! (ha ha). So all in all, thank God for my family and friends.

What do I do to make sure I relax during the week? I love to cook so I come home and cook a full healthy meal for my husband and I, and I also watch about an hour of TV to unwind. I utilize my mornings to work out and read before clinic! It's a full day but I sleep at least 8 hours a night and make sure I eat regularly throughout the day with lean proteins and lots of veggies or fruit!

Blissor: My brother visiting from California! :)


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