Double Marathon...Literally!

I have been anticipating this crazy busy weekend by appropriately naming it "Hell Weekend!"

I had the amazing opportunity to join two different chiropractic student groups from NUHS to treat patients post-marathon! Yes, we worked at the famous huge Chicago Marathon on Sunday! The first marathon where we treated patients was in Libertyville, which was absolutely beautiful. We were able to assist our chiropractic cohorts and give acute homeopathic remedies to the runners with symptoms ranging from the obvious muscle cramps to joint pain!

2011Oct 11-race1
A group of medical volunteers at the Chicago Marathon.

After the first marathon, which I woke up for at 5:00am and worked until 2:30pm, Ryan and I put together last minute costumes to have an "early spooky soiree" at a friend's house in Naperville. Ryan was a nun (ha ha) and I was a "modern day clown." It was so much fun, even though I was absolutely exhausted from the morning.

2011Oct 11-clow
Modern day clown.

I love Halloween season so much because you get to go all out and wear crazy makeup on your face, and well…look "normal." :) It was a fun little get-together to enjoy the amazing weather, a mini bonfire, and good eats! I will admit though that the makeup started to get very uncomfortable especially all the blue around my eye!

2011Oct 11-halloween
Some of the girls and I at the party.

After only having about three hours of sleep, my friend and I woke up at the crack of dawn (5:00am) again to make our way through the crazy crowds of the Chicago Marathon! We had our 50-lb. tables to carry as well, which has definitely left both of my arms very sore!

2011Oct 11-race 2aAfter attending both marathons, I became very inspired especially after seeing the WINNER of the marathon actually hit a course record. (1st and 2nd place winners pictured above.) I have officially added completing a marathon to my bucket list! I almost cried when I saw Moses (the winner) cross the line! It was absolutely amazing! He finished 26.2 miles in about two hours and 4 minutes! That means he ran each mile in about 4 minutes and 40 seconds, which is absolutely insane! Chicago looked very different with all the setup for the marathon but it was awesome. (Pictured below is a group of medical volunteers!)

I'm glad that I had such a hectic weekend but I was so excited to get home and finally sleep! Overall, the weekend was full of espresso shots, early mornings, and inspirations! What is on YOUR bucket list?!

Blissor: Officially adding something as crazy as a MARATHON to my bucket list--which means I should start running now! :)

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