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I continue to live my life as normally as I can while I am slowly getting over this sickness that is definitely lingering around. I attended most of my classes with the exception of a couple in the beginning of the week when I was more acute. I went to clinic the entire week and still treated some of my patients, and I successfully made it through a family Super Bowl party! I am really not letting this sickness stop me from doing much...other than my homework. 

Student Clinic is still a very positive experience for me. I cannot believe how busy we get in the afternoon shift, but I am literally running around from room to room and returning the next morning to finish up my patient charts! It is more work than I imagined but it's a good thing! I am one of the few busy seeing primary patients and it's a blessing. I cannot wait to get into ND clinic next year because I would do this any day rather than sit in a classroom. So for all of you that are more hands-on people, the second half of the program (either DC or ND) will be something you can really shine in. That is definitely a trend I see now among my classmates as well. 

The best therapy for my sickness this week has been sleep, water, and fruit/veggies. Last blog I talked about the importance of sleep and some tips to take in order to help you improve your sleeping habits to fully experience ideal sleep. This week, it's all about water! How much water you drink is important. What water you drink is more important. And FROM what you get your water is becoming a more widely known trend and very important. 

As I am meeting with my patients, I've noticed that when I ask how much water someone drinks. I have had to specify and say "pure water," because juice, coffee, tea, or those new powder supplements to add to water are not considered "pure water"! It's so important that for the amount of coffee you drink, you should drink the double amount of water! I remember going to my pediatrician when I was younger and his advice was: "Sleep, plenty of water, and chicken noodle soup." Who would of thought that now, years down the line, that I am telling my patients something similar! 

A new water tip that a clinician has told us is: "Drink one-half of your weight in ounces of water per day." It's an awesome tip because every body is so individual so this is more helpful than just saying to drink a certain number of glasses a day. The source of your water is also important. If you drink straight from the faucet, make sure you know your city's water regulating systems. If you filter with a Brita, make sure you change your filter when necessary. If you only buy bottled water, that's another issue within itself because of the storage, as well as where the water is filtered. Which brings me to my next point - From what do you drink your water? 

The picture above shows some new stainless steel bottles that have become a trend now due to all the new studies about the chemicals in plastic bottles and links to very serious chronic diseases like cancer. Stainless steel is also more environmentally friendly and could eventually save you money instead of buying plastic bottles. 

I hope that has helped. I cannot emphasize enough how important water is. It is the simple things that make the biggest differences.

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