Happy Turkey Day

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Did you eat to the point of passing out? Most people see Thanksgiving as a time to eat your heart out, but I see it as more of family and reflecting. Don't get me wrong, this girl LOVES food. However this year, I've been through so many life changing events - bad and good - that there is no way I can go through Thanksgiving without reflecting on how much this year has blessed me. The biggest parts of my life are my amazing husband, my best friends, and my family who all provide unconditional love and support. As cliché as it sounds, I really could not be in the position I am without the people mentioned.

Being less than 20 days from graduation, I am getting anxious about the next steps in my career. I am continuing with the Naturopathic program which will consist of AT LEAST four additional trimesters, which puts me graduating around April 2012. Whew. Typing that date even gives me anxiety because it seems like so far away. Although I will be continuing with my education, this first degree is a big deal! I am a first-generation student and I will be the first Doctor in my family so this is a huge accomplishment.

Most, if not all, of my colleagues are looking for jobs right now or looking to open up their own practices right away. Everyone around me is applying for their license as I am registering for classes - that aspect of continuing my education does sting a little and it makes me question my decision to go further. But I just take a deep breath and know that it will all pay off in the end. After I get my 100-hour acupuncture certification in February and get licensed in Illinois, I will start applying for a part-time job doing acupuncture for another chiropractor to help my husband with finances and to continue patient contact in a chiropractic setting as much as possible. However all in all, I will still be focusing on my education so that I can finish on time.

As the countdown begins to graduation, I have a lot to accomplish. I am finished with my clinic numbers EXCEPT my 20 narratives! I also have to work on three papers for my classes, study for my two finals in two weeks, fit in Christmas shopping, and get my house all ready for everyone coming over after graduation! Sounds like a lot right? Yes, it is! I'm so excited though!

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Well I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! We all have a lot to be grateful for despite all the economic hardships that everyone is experiencing. Keep your head up! The best is yet to come!

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