Top -overwhelmed

While all my colleagues are freaking out about studying for Part IV boards Nov 12th and 13th, I am freaking out that I am studying for MIDTERMS while fitting in Part IV boards all at once. So I guess the word OVERWHELMED does not really fully explain the mental state that I'm in currently.

So what do I do now to get through this huge hill that I'm struggling to get over? Pray and study. I'm not sure if senoritis is taking over and I am overwhelmed or if I am REALLY overwhelmed with the amount of work that I have put in my lap. I am reminded everyday of the struggle I am going through to maintain my sanity by doing two programs.

If you want me to be honest and tell you if I ever question my decision or if I ever think of not continuing with the naturopathic program, the answer would be YES. OF COURSE. I've heard here and there from colleagues that have already graduated and ones yet to reach clinic say things like "Well it's only __ longer to get your second doctorate, it can't be that bad!" I beg to differ.

For all of you out there that want to jump head first into a dual program endeavor, think long and hard about the benefits of it for you and your patient. Do not think about the prestige or respect level you choose or expect to gain from others. I may question my decisions here and there in the heat of stress and midst of midterms and boards, however I am so grateful for the knowledge that I will have to be the BEST physician for my patients that I can.

It's so disappointing to see people fall into the trap of "simple" without seeing a patient as a global being with more than spinal abnormalities. It is not that hard to adjust every person that walks in your door, but it IS hard to sit down, diagnose, and offer the best care to the patient that may or may not include a chiropractic manipulation. Don't be a part of the first group!

Among all of this, I look at that picture I posted of Dr. Winterstein and I about seven days after I stepped foot into the Chiropractic program (about 3.5 years ago), and it gives me hope that I will make it through a couple more years to finish all my degrees.

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