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We're back in school! I'm trying to sound excited, but I'm not! I had such a relaxing and awesome break, that it's hard to wake up at 7am and sit in classes 'til 3pm! Despite the lack of sleep I experienced the first week of school, I am actually excited for this trimester. It's only TWO trimesters before Student Clinic AND I'm getting married at the end of this trimester! Time has definitely flown by. 

Over break, I didn't go out of town but I had a lot of friends and family time, which was more important to me. The Saturday after break, Ryan and I had our traditional Laotian engagement ceremony. It was in Rockford at my house and it was actually the first time both of our families had the opportunity to meet! It was a tiring weekend, and I was really sick (I always get sick after finals), but it was so much fun to hang out with family and friends. Our families really got along, too!

After that, I had a couple days to hang out with my bridesmaids and do wedding "stuff." We had a bridesmaid dress mishap that could have completely stressed me out, but thank God I have reliable best friends that could keep me calm. We fixed the mishap and had a good time together. That following weekend, my cousin from California came to visit and we did the "Chicago" thing downtown and out of the city, then my family and I headed to Michigan to have family time with Ryan's family plus decide on final wedding plans. [The top picture is of my two aunts and cousin from California, my mom and I going on a golf cart ride through the forest. And I was driving! So fun!]


Over break, I decided that I wanted to find a job working with a chiropractor in the area. (I didn't want to work for a chiropractor until I had more experience in the clinical aspect of school.) I got an interview and I got the job! I am now a "Student Doctor" for Holland Chiropractic in Westmont, which is about 20 minutes from my apartment in Lombard. I've worked there for two weeks now, and I am learning so much! The practice is made up of three National grads, eight massage therapists that are trained to be chiropractic assistants, and two student interns. 

I believe that it is very important to see how other chiropractors are doing in the field. School can only teach you so much about WHAT it takes to become a doctor. They will provide you with the essential tools and prepare you for all the tough clinical cases that they've experienced. However, it's entirely different when you have to figure out HOW to use those tools and become a successful doctor in whatever specialty you choose. I know that working at Holland Chiropractic, I can gain essential tools to further my confidence as a future doctor. 

So you are probably asking, "Should I work during school?" This is the #1 question that prospective students ask, and it is a very good one. I've answered this in one of my previous blogs. You have to really give yourself time to get used to the idea of school first, and basic sciences are very difficult. I had a job during the basic sciences, but I worked for the Registrar for our school. So if you need a job to get extra money on the side, you should look into jobs that are on campus that will fit with your school schedule or at a chiropractic clinic that will also work with your schedule. 

Tip of the week: If you want to work during school, be smart about it. Do not spread yourself too thin. You know YOU more than anyone, which means you can estimate how much you can handle. 

Featured recipe for next week: Lasagna Primavera (yum!) Stay tuned!

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