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So Hell Week is coming to a close. Boards are over!! Oh my, they were pretty tough! I am not going to sugar coat it at all! I thought I was ready for four out of six of the exams for sure but I was proven wrong! I am just praying that I passed them!! The worst-case scenario for me would that I would have to re-take parts over, which would be a tad bit devastating but definitely do-able. At least now I can breathe! 

Over the weekend, I babysat Sampson, Ryan's cat, because Ryan went to Colorado for a friend's wedding, and I crammed as much as I could into my already filled and tired brain. The entire experience is nothing I would wish on anyone - [Studying, not babysitting Sampson!] - but we all got through it. Biochemistry was the hardest subject, which was surprising to me because I was terrified of Physiology going into it. Now this week, we have two more midterms and then the following week I have two papers and a presentation due. Then one week after that, finals! I can't believe how fast this crazy trimester has flown by. 

So I promised to answer a question that one my readers asked:

"What is the difference between a naturopathic physician and a medical doctor?"

Well, I will try to answer this as brief but detailed as I can. The philosophies of both physicians are entirely different. Both are educated in basic medical sciences, diagnosis, and laboratory analysis. However, the root of the difference is HOW a patient is treated for a condition or disease. A medical doctor often treats only the patient's symptoms using primarily a pharmaceutical drug or even surgery! A naturopathic physician believes in looking at the WHOLE person to heal the CAUSE of the symptoms using natural therapies and nutrition.

Doctors of naturopathic medicine treat the person in all aspects - body, mind, and spirit. In some instances, they will exacerbate symptoms to aid the body in moving towards a healing/healed state of being. They use a variety of treatments from all over the world (homeopathy, oriental medicine, hydrotherapy, etc.). These treatments will work with the body's natural healing mechanisms to treat the disease (cause) and not just manage the symptoms, which is what medical doctors do while they attempt to also treat the cause. 

Medical doctors are excellent in treating emergency health care, whereas a naturopathic physician is exceptional in promoting a disease-preventive lifestyle. NDs also believe that doctors are teachers, so educating the patient and spending time with the patient is something that is held very important. 

So the preconceived notion of the differences between the two physicians is that one is natural and one is not. However, that is not the MAIN difference because in some states, NDs can prescribe medicines but only do so in necessary cases.

Well, I hope that helped everyone! I promised that I would be adding something new to my blogs. I will reveal that for next week's blog so stay in tuned!! See you all next week! 


Picture: Icicles! Oh, and say goodbye to the icicles! Enjoy the weather - spring is around the corner! (Hopefully!) 

Tip of the week: Let your parasympathetics do their work. In less nerdy terms, REST AND DIGEST.

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