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Stating that this week has been a blur would be quite an understatement. I had to deal with the anxiety of Naturopathic Board Exams on Tuesday, plus catch up with all my classes in 5th Trimester that I haven't really had the opportunity to give my attention other than brief practicing here and there. 

So the Naturopathic Boards… I don't know what to really say about them other than WOW! They were very difficult. I can say that I was prepared for four out of five of the exams. I attended all the board reviews and they were very helpful, but my weakness in Physiology trumps all the board reviews. I walked out of that exam and literally wanted to cry. The other exams were not as difficult as I thought (still difficult), but maybe it's because I actually enjoyed studying those subjects more than Physiology. I can foresee myself having to re-take the exams because of that one subject that I feel like I will never fully conquer! (Sigh) 

The exams were all day and once I got home, my amazing fiancé took me out on a celebratory date. We got to enjoy starting our gift registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and had an amazing dinner with my favorite entrée - OYSTERS!  It was the best and most relaxing night of the week.

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The entire week continued to tire me out even more because of post-NPLEX Boards trauma. I found out while I was gone taking exams, that one of my exams for Clinical Diagnosis got moved to the following Monday! So I had to do lots of catch up. Although I knew I had two exams the following week, my week was a little more relaxed than it should have been. I was really burned out from the boards! I still managed to get enough studying in to feel comfortable about both exams. 

On Saturday, Ryan and I went to my hometown, Rockford, to support my church in a Valentine's Day Education Benefit event. It was so much fun to see everyone again especially since I was so involved in church when I lived at home and now I don't get to go home often.

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Overall, my week was a blur until Saturday. I was uplifted to see the little kids at my church sing a Laotian song together, to see my family, and catch up with friends. We had a great time!

Well I'm off to conquer more adventures at National. See you all next week! 

Tip of the Week: Get rest! Sleep is NOT overrated. Trust me!

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