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What a rough week of exams, papers, and quizzes! Whew! I did not know if there was even a light at the end of the tunnel! You will notice that the closer you get to clinic, the LESS motivation you have to sit down and study. It has been the hardest thing for me to do! By the time I come home, all I want to do is relax and watch some shows saved on my DVR. It has been the biggest feat for me to open the notes up, use the Internet for school rather than Facebook, and prepare rather than procrastinate. However, don't get me wrong, I'd rather have this obstacle than go back to basic sciences! I like rewarding myself after a hard week or day, so that is my excuse! 

So my reward at the end of this week was DIM SUM! Yummy! Ryan and I took a little short date day and went to Chinatown in Chicago and had lunch at Three Happiness. For anyone that is not familiar with dim sum, it's small little dishes served by waiters and waitresses in a serving cart. It's a unique experience because when a cart comes by you basically look and choose! The style of the mini dishes can be compared to Spanish tapas! The fun part is how they serve it because you usually have no idea what's in all the different dumplings, but you just pick and try! 

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I grew up in California where there are many different types of food everywhere, and my mother always made sure I explored all different kinds of food. Ryan grew up in western Michigan and the craziest food he ate was Chinese food, so it was a culture shock to marry me because I eat EVERYTHING! He also says his menu of food has grown by just living close to Chicago since it is a melting pot of cultures and food, too! My overall message is to go out there and explore the city with your mouth! There are so many amazing places to discover from India town to Vietnam town to Greek town! Every little neighborhood has it's own story to tell through the food!

Soak up the city while you are here, especially if you are not from here. There have been times when I find myself just driving to the city and studying at local cafes and restaurants just to change the scenery and atmosphere. Doing small things like that has helped me cope more with the demands of what the program sucks out of you.

There's even a 24-hour Starbucks on North Avenue (not that I'm recommending All-Nighters, but just in case!). The biggest downfall that will be frustrating no matter what type of person you are is the TRAFFIC! No matter what time you enter or leave Chicago, you will be held back by traffic either caused by rush-hour, accidents, or constant construction. It is so worth it once you get there though! Sometimes it has been my own sanctuary to breathe the city air, walk city streets, and sit in little cafes with homemade pastries and coffees. Oh, and it's the most ideal place to take a date! Ryan and I went to Chicago for our first date and that's where we got engaged!! :)  

So my tip of the week is GET OUT THERE AND EAT! (Remember to have moderation in moderation!) You will love every moment of it! Have a great week! 

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