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CAM Day was a huge success!! CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which represents all the degree programs offered at National. I am an executive board member with the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), and in past years, we've had SACA Day with vendors, raffles and speakers to honor chiropractic and give students a chance to take a break from classes. Well, since our school is more well-rounded in terms of offering so many different degrees that actually help with viewing health more holistically, we changed the name so that we can honor alternative medicine in general.

The team that I worked with also consisted of members from the AAAOM Club and the SUN, the naturopathic club. We worked on getting vendors such as biofreeze, chirotouch, Douglas Laboratories, Metagenics, etc. The administration also supported our efforts and gave excused absences to all the attendees after noon. We had Cynthia Vaughn come in to speak about National Health Reform and our profession in general. Cynthia Vaughn is a chiropractor from Texas, which was one of the moving components involved in getting chiropractic care in the VA hospitals!

It was an all day event that all the students responded extremely well to. We expected maybe 100 to 150 students, but we had over 300 students come to learn about multiple products, eat lunch with us, and listen to the speaker! We also had raffles that took place for the people that visited all the vendors. I was so proud of the team I worked with, and although the process was hard to juggle alongside school and life, it was well worth it!  

Getting Involved

This week, I want to discuss the topic of getting involved with school beyond playing the student role. There are many clubs to join that help with studying, adjusting techniques, community service, and help you join in a bigger cause for the profession like SUN, SACA, and the AAAOM club. SACA (Student American Chiropractic Association) helps with relaying the information that comes from the government into the school.

Viewing your place in your profession simply as just getting through school is very ignorant. Unfortunately, it's not that easy...even though getting through school is extremely difficult. You have to prepare yourself for the REAL world. All the simulated patients, practicing, having clinicians help you with diagnosing and treatments in clinic, etc. are only the beginning. But alternative medicine is something beyond the techniques that we use to treat our future patients. All the professions at our university suffer from scrutiny from the public and unfortunately from the government. Getting involved in clubs like SUN, SACA, and the AAAOM club brings those issues to light and you can take part in pushing your profession further. That is why I have been involved with SACA for more than two years now.

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The difference between getting involved in graduate school versus undergrad or even high school is that QUALITY trumps QUANTITY. Always be sure that the club you are joining is for a GREATER purpose! Do not join a specific club just to add it to your resume if you truly are not interested in it. It will waste your time and other people's time, and trust me, time is something you NEED. You know yourself more than anyone else so DO NOT compare your involvement with fellow students. What you can handle may be too much for someone or not that much for another person. The first mistake people make here at school is that they become overly ambitious and forget that they are a student! Your education should always take precedence over the clubs you choose to be a part of, so that's why you should only join the clubs that mean the most to you and in the end, will benefit you as a future doctor.

I hope this helps you decide how to manage and balance your life here at NUHS. It's really important to not spread yourself thin! It's even more important to know when to say NO. Have a great week and unpack those sweaters...the warm weather is gone! :(

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