Cold Weather, Sniffles, and PODS

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We are officially one step closer to becoming homeowners. Ryan and I used our superpowers this weekend to move out of our rental home into our PODS (portable on demand storage). PODS is an amazing idea! They deliver the PODS to your house, you fill it, they pick it up and store it, and you tell them when to re-deliver it! It is also inexpensive! We had to move most of our furniture and more into the PODS and set our clothes and food aside to move into our temporary living situation with a friend. Family and friends were too busy to help, so it was just the two of us! We're living with a friend until we close on our house October 30th and then we MOVE AGAIN, but then it will be for at least the next two and a half years! Whew.  

The weather was perfect this weekend for moving, but after a long three days of moving, I was feeling under the weather only to wake up Monday morning to cold official fall weather with unrelenting sniffles. I thought I was experiencing chronic allergies but now I am feeling the dreaded cold I was hoping not to get. Someone also told me that viral meningitis is going around; a classmate of mine actually had it two weeks ago! So be careful everyone! Follow the standard and wash your hands with soap and don't share drinks! 

I wanted to share a natural therapy that can help with the sniffles as the weather temperature decreases. I know you might have already heard of the Neti pot that is so helpful. I like this therapy in combination to soothe and drain. Try a steam inhalation technique with drops of peppermint AND lavender. Pour hot water into a tub (add the drops of peppermint and lavender) and warm water into another tub. Take the warm tub and put your feet in it. Then place the hot water tub onto a table like your dining table and put a big towel or sheet over your head and the tub, and bend your neck over the tub. Make sure you are also wrapped in blankets. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly allowing you to feel the soothing characteristics of the peppermint and lavender but also allowing you to drain. Always start with one drop of each and add more to your comfort. You can also try this therapy without the drops if they are irritating. The peppermint will help decongest you and the lavender is will relax you even more. I've done this for up to 20 minutes and it has really helped me! 

We got really good news this week! Ryan officially got a job as an associate doctor in Bloomingdale, which is nearby! We were really nervous for a while considering his loans will start to set in late February! It's always a blessing that everything ends up working out even among all the stress that it might not! This week, I need to actually get to studying now that the stress of moving is over with, and this weekend will be the FIRST weekend (since our wedding) that we have FREE time to relax and stay at home for a change.

Tip of the Week: With the cold season kicking in, use natural therapies to help soothe and aid. They may help more than you actually expect!!

Have a great week guys!

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