Yay for Easter! Nay for Finals!

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So it's ALMOST the end. Can you believe it? I definitely can't. I can still remember what I wrote for my first week's blog! I also remember that I did not have nine finals to worry about! Yes, NINE finals - five finals this upcoming week and four finals to round it all off the last week. 

The whole week, many people were stressed more about how to study than WHAT we were studying. It seems right that by this point in the trimester, we should all have our time management and study skills figured out, but no, it's not like that whatsoever. It's more of the opposite. I was so accustomed to studying week by week for ONE exam every week, and now I had to try to study for nine in two weeks! Looking back at this week, I can't really say that I feel like I got much done. I think it will take me a couple more trimesters to figure out exactly how to study for finals. All I know at this point is that it's all about planning. 

Well, here is my final line-up for the upcoming week:

  • MONDAY: Histology written exam and Biochemistry Lab
  • THURSDAY: Cell Physiology and Palpation
  • FRIDAY: Anatomy Upper Extremity Lab practical 

In the midst of all the finals I have to study for, I decided that my weekend would be dedicated to the holiday. Whether or not that was a mistake, we'll find out this week.

Thursday, my cousins came from out of town and we went to Sushi Station in Schaumburg for a birthday celebration.  (I know it always seems like I'm celebrating a birthday, but it's because I really am! I have a lot of cousins that I'm really close to.) I definitely recommend that restaurant to everyone! Great prices, great times, and YUMMY sushi!  


Friday, after classes and work, I spent some time studying and then some friends came over and I cooked them Laotian food. I was a little nervous about whether or not anyone would like the food, but it was a great time, and it was so relaxing to cook.

Mira -friends -easter Mira -friends -easterfood 

Saturday, I had a great workout, studied, and drove home! Although I have all these finals, I probably should have reconsidered going home for Easter, but it's such an important holiday for me that I needed to make that sacrifice. We had a huge Easter egg hunt after service and I forgot how much kids LOVE looking for things - anything! They went crazy! So overall, my week was full of constant studying, but balanced with good times with friends and family. 

So my tip of the week is:

Balance yourself - with friends, family, studying, working out, and eating right! You will notice a huge difference if you allow yourself to give. 

Little fact about me:

I recently signed up with a personal trainer, and I feel so much better! I can't believe it but I can FEEL comfortable in my clothes! Yes!

Well, have a great week and if I make it out of this crazy upcoming week, I'll be here next week, which will feature some emails with great questions that I've received from my loyal readers! :-)

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