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Whew! I can breathe now AND sleep in past seven in the morning! It feels so great to finally have a chance to be BORED. I always envy people who complain about being bored. I love having absolutely nothing to do but spend time with friends, family, and watch endless amounts of TV. It's a great feeling to not have to worry about having nine exams in two weeks!

Although my grades don't fully reflect how much work I feel that I put in, I still am satisfied that throughout the trimester I was able to have a social life, work, and still focus a lot of my time on school. The last week of school had to be the hardest though because I was already looking forward to the break. It was also hard because we had to take the hardest final the LAST day! I spent most of Finals Week sleeping over at my friend Carly's apartment because we kept each other company and got to study most of the time away from campus. I think staying on campus too much during Finals Week would have freaked me out more seeing just about everyone at the library cramming. 

Throughout all of my schooling so far, I realize that I need more than a two week break. I went through school too fast and haven't been able to enjoy a summer since my sophomore year of high school! So I decided that I am taking the summer off and I'll be back in September for the Fall Trimester. It was a big decision but I needed to prioritize. I am still young and I want to travel and make up for finishing college so quickly by doing a study abroad program in Spain, and spending time with family and friends. 

So after all the exams, I had to move out of my apartment and I am so thankful that I have such supportive family and friends to help me move. I didn't realize that I could accumulate so much random "stuff" after only living on campus for a little more than a trimester! After moving out, I got to spend a little time with good friends before everyone went back home for break. I know that this break will be very beneficial for me. So far the plan is to travel to Europe for about six weeks, vacation in Mexico, be in three weddings, be a leader in an annual youth camp, and do everything else fun! I plan to still live on campus and be a full-time student when I return in September. 

After coming home Thursday night, I got to spend time with some friends and go downtown in Rockford. We spent the whole night laughing and going on little adventures. I just love being home, sleeping in my comfy bed, and well, just being home!

I had lots of fun sharing my FIRST trimester with all of you and I hope to see some of you on campus this fall! Have a great FIRST Trimester for everyone starting in Summer Trimester! Take care and enjoy the great weather!

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