My Whole Name Fit on the Nametag

Top -whitecoats -feb 2007

Thank goodness the Anatomy exam is OVER! I did great on the practical, but the written exam had other plans in store for me. I did not do as well as I wanted to but after my day of sulking, I realized that I do have time to make it better. I have two more exams that can make this first exam grade basically disappear so that is what I am counting on. As if the pressure was not already there, it is even higher now because I need to erase this grade that I got.

I talked to many people and not everyone was entirely satisfied with their grades, which I know doesn't justify my grade at all. However, it just sets in my reality that everyone has problems and not everyone is perfect. In the beginning, I struggled a lot with my insecurities because many people have more schooling and experience than me. I was afraid that I would not be able to represent myself positively, but everyone has their weak areas so I do not focus on what I lack anymore but what I have to work with.

Mira -mombrother -feb 2007

Studying so much every day and every weekend, I haven't been able to see my mom. She recently got back from California, so on Wednesday my brother and my mom came to visit me. It was the best study break that I took. They brought me food (which is a plus), filled my car with gas (which is AMAZING), and took me out to dinner (which is the BEST). I was able to speak my language (finally!), hug my mom, and just see my HOME through them. I loved every minute of it but as soon as they left, I went straight back to the library to continue my life as a student. 

Mira -White Coat Small -feb 2007

Thursday rolled around and the stress of the first Biochemistry quiz faded as the White Coat Ceremony came. Everyone got all prettied up and wore their crisp, well-ironed white lab coats. I did not know what to expect, but it was over all very rewarding. The ceremony began with the reading of excerpts from different fellow classmates' essays that were written at the beginning of the trimester. We all saw each other in a different way. We did not see each other merely as people trying to survive Dr. James Christiansen and Dr. Marc McRae's courses, but as future doctors. It was a reality check that one day we will be able to call ourselves doctors, and it was an exciting feeling for me at least. Getting my nametag with my full name that actually fit on a little nametag was even more exciting, especially after they told us to put the tags on our white coats to make it even more official.

Thursday night was not productive at all and it was a good thing. A good friend invited us over to her beautiful home to make dinner together and hang out and we had a great time. We talked, laughed, and did not study! It is a relief to be friends with people who are not uptight people who shun study breaks. It's so imperative to surround yourself with people that still know how to have fun beyond all the books.

Mardi Gras -feb 2007

The fun didn't stop on Thursday night but Mardi Gras Ball arrived on Friday night and I'm so glad it did not get cancelled! It was a great time! Seeing people you see every day in a more relaxed setting was great, because although we're all in medical school, it definitely does not mean we're boring or do not know how to have a good time. Friday night disproved all of that!  

If you can't tell by my constant rambling, this week was event-filled with its disappointments and highs but with no regrets. I learned to take it easy when I need to, but definitely study hard when needed, too. Education should be kept as a high priority but do not let it define who you are.

Tip of the Week:

Attend school events (Ex. Mardi Gras Ball). It will make your experience more rewarding. 

Have a great week everyone! Keep me in your thoughts as I head first into Dr. Christiansen's Cell Phys exam this week! EEEK!

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