Good People

My wonderful peers rallied around me when I started coming down with a migraine in clinic last week. I collected 2 more secondaries to help get everything accomplished for my patient's visit. It was a testament to hardworking peers, helpful friends, people who are prepared to drop everything and help you and your patient, and of course, it was a testament to that ever-present need to care for myself.

Foggy morning on campus; finals are beginning

I slept very little during the week due to waking up early to finish assignments at the last minute. I know better; if I don't sleep enough I can be sure I'll face the consequences in the form of a nasty headache.

I had an amazing team. My clinician used up every ounce of thumb strength pressing on trigger points to keep the nausea at bay while I finished writing up my chart. Some of the greatest gals helped me collect products from the dispensary, and others helped me chart my findings and watched my work while I performed the physical exam. I finished up the entire appointment swiftly and smoothly because of the ready help that came to my rescue.

On a side note, I currently don't have any patients scheduled for Thursday this week and I wondered why until I recalled who I saw this past Thursday and the week before that. All of those patients who had been seen on Thursdays have gotten better! Oh my god! (Not feeling great? Perhaps you should come see me on a Thursday, the odds are looking good...) I saw a chronic condition improve dramatically in 2 weeks. I saw one acute condition improve 80%, and another clear completely with full patient compliance with my treatment choices.

I was given a few beautiful reminders this week, the least of which was the obvious one that our medicine, nature cure, absolutely works (and that I need to use it to care for myself). The other reminders involved giving thanks to friends and coworkers. Thank you to my people for carrying me along during that impending headache situation and letting me draw on all your strengths to bring about a personal success. Thank you also to the kind ones who complimented me this week on my hard work and my easy patient interaction, and who told me it would be fun to work with me in the future.

Study break -- getting out of our creepy pink house to go for a walk

I am going to miss the people here more than I know when I leave NUHS for the big wide world. I work with some who challenge me every day. And I work with others who seem to exist simply to lift me up; they make me laugh, they give me words of encouragement, they laugh at my absurdities and help me tether my mind-floating-away-with-possibilities.

And I can't leave this last post of the trimester without saying huge, enormous CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 10th trimester interns graduating next week, OH MY GOD! You did it! I am so incredibly proud of you and am grateful for having had the opportunity to work and learn with you! This is the first time I've felt really connected to those who are graduating and my heart is bursting with pride; you're a smart bunch! As us 9th tris would say, go out there into the world and Stimulate the Vis... Doctors!