Study and Stretch

OK, it finally feels like summer in Chicago! The weather is warm and I am officially finding it harder and harder to buckle down to study. Ideally, I would study outdoors, but there is some material that really just requires a white board for drawing and some "rain sounds" in my headphones in order to get it to stick (there's an app called "Rain, Rain" that I swear by).

My first midterms begin this week and I'll admit, they snuck up on me! As per my last post, spending a little time away from the books is important, but allocating that time wisely is also vital. This week will be one of those where I must tactfully ask my boyfriend to cook me dinner every night as I play some catch-up and prepare for exams.

One of the perks of studying at National alongside chiropractic students is that we get to hear stories from the field from our chiropractor professors. This week, Dr. Humphreys (who teaches Neurology) shared with us his experience of testifying in a court case for the defendant, a chiropractor and graduate of NUHS. The whole process was time consuming and ultimately successful. It is hard to face this reality, but our medicine is sometimes misunderstood. Luckily, our medicine is wise, with research to support it, and proper education and communication with the public and the conventional medical world pays off. I am thankful that we have access to the workings of the clinical world through our professors' stories, and that they are willing to share their experiences, both positive and challenging.


On a lighter note, I visited the garden again on Friday and this time got to reap the benefits of being a regular! Here is a picture of me in the midst of digging up some mint (Mentha piperita, I think) and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) to plant at home. I also contributed a little time to pulling weeds before I headed home for the weekend. 


This past weekend was busy -- full of studying for Monday's cardio exam and some playing, too. My friend Allison (a yoga teacher and fellow student in the ND program) and I met downtown at Grant Park for Wanderlust in the City, a free yoga festival that happens once a year in Chicago. We both loved doing yoga outside with hundreds of other Chicago yogis! One phrase I habitually use at the end of my yoga practice is "Kind thoughts, kind words, kind intentions."


So, in the spirit of this phrase, I aim to tackle the start of midterms and this busy week by thinking, speaking, and intending positivity and grace in the midst of heightened stress. Being kind to ourselves during our most stressful times is so very important.