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Getting Down to Business

This week the AOM Student Association held its speaker event. Every trimester speakers are invited to come present to students from the AOM program and any other NUHS students interested in attending. This trimester they invited NUHS alumnae Barry Hinman (MSAc '09) and Kathi Wotal (MSOM '13), to present on "How to Start an Acupuncture Practice and Work with Insurance."

2016_08-05_aom _speakers2

Their presentation was fantastic; they shared the trials and tribulations they experienced starting their practices, as well as insider tips on everything from marketing and insurance to social media and logo design. AOMSA couldn't have found better speakers for the topic -- they're both insightful, detail-oriented, have had broad work and life experiences, are dedicated to their practices, and devoted to their healing professions. I'm very grateful that they took the time to put such a nice presentation together!


Finals are coming up and I'm once again up to my ears in studying and working on final assignments for all my herbal seminars. In spite of my anxiety with trying to regurgitate so much info in such a short period of time, I am excited to have an herb-only shift in clinic next trimester! Yes, I get to dedicate one of my clinic shifts to putting together patient formulas! As interns we don't usually have the time to dedicate to putting together formulas, so this shift is really key to learning them well and getting used to doing formulas on our own. Eek!


Amidst all the chaos of finals, the AOM program will be getting the first glimpse into ATHENA, the new electronic records system being implemented in the clinic. After months of waiting, the days of writing SOAP notes are now over! We still compile the general SOAP information, but will no longer have to suffer from carpal tunnel after speed-writing 4 patient notes in a shift or worry about crossing out and initialing errors or writing addendums. The DC and ND programs will also start using the system in the coming weeks.

Midterms March On

Week 11! Two more midterms to go with only 4 weeks left in the trimester. Time is flying by and so is the fall season... it's snowing!

Fall or winter? Winter wonderland in fall.

This past week has been very busy and another week has gone by with little free time. Instead of finding my balance through socializing on weekends or at the parks and preserves, I've spent this week trying to catch up on sleep whenever possible. Not an exciting life, but one that I know will get me through these busy and stressful few weeks.


I attended Campus Visit Day last Saturday as a panelist for the AOM program, along with two other classmates. I wasn't sure what to expect since I didn't have a chance to attend a Campus Visit Day, but I was impressed with the effort and resources that are dedicated to introducing prospective students to the school and its programs. I was also impressed with the group of individuals who visited. I'm hopeful that my feedback will assist them in deciding which academic path to take and whether National is the right fit for them.


On Tuesday night the AOM Student Association held its speaker event for the trimester. The guest speaker was National alumni Brian Lay, who presented on Chinese Astrology and how it can be applied in practice. Brian graduated from the acupuncture program in 2013 and has a private practice, Golden Tiger Wellness in Naperville, which incorporates acupuncture, bodywork and Chinese astrology. 

The presentation was quite fascinating and engaging as it introduced the general temperaments of the animals in the zodiac and how each year, month, day and hour has its own characteristic based on yin and yang and the five elements. In ancient times, astrology was an integral component of Chinese medicine. Some modern-day Chinese medicine professionals, especially those from the Taoist tradition, utilize it in their practice.


Brian gave specific examples of how, by knowing his patient's birthdate, he has been able to better tailor their treatments and become more attuned to their potential strengths and vulnerabilities. Along with the interesting topic, it was great to hear about a recent National graduate's practice, especially one that incorporates this unique interest and style.