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Yoga for the Meridians

Midterms, clinic exams, and one final down! To my great surprise, I passed all of my senior clinic exams and I believe I passed my acupuncture board review final (though I have a long way to go to prepare to take those boards)!

Now to prepare for finals...

Since finishing my board review final exam on Friday night, I've been able to resume my yoga practice, which got the boot during these last few tightly scheduled weeks of exams. I know that I shouldn't be disregarding yoga during the times when I need it most and that I should try to practice for at least a minutes a day, but as I wrote last week, my Spleen Qi was feeling especially deficient and I was often too exhausted.

While I was practicing yoga at home on Saturday and feeling my reduced flexibility from lack of practice, I was able to more readily feel the tension in specific muscles, which led me to think about their correspondence to the points and meridians in Chinese medicine. I started to notice how each of my movements affected the channels. This consciousness led me to transform my practice that day into one of movements that might alleviate stagnation in my Liver and Gallbladder meridians or that stimulated my Spleen channel.  

For example, the Gallbladder channel runs from the temples through the side of the head, neck and torso, down the sides of the legs and lateral side of the foot to the 4th toe. I noticed that this channel was extremely tight and while stretching it during side-angle pose or triangle pose it felt like I was opening up the area around the Gallbladder channel in my neck and around my eyes! I realized the poses that I had more difficulty with either involved areas where I have stagnation (Liver and Gallbladder channel) or Qi or blood deficiency (Spleen and Liver).

I'm excited to have found another way to associate TCM into my daily life. It will make me more aware during my yoga practice and help me to focus on the parts of my body that need it the most!

Along with neglecting my yoga practice, I had also been neglecting my garden plot at Madison Meadows' Community Garden. With all the heat and rain we got last week, I found on my visit yesterday that all the plants had exploded with a bounty of produce and flowers (and weeds)! Everything had grown a few feet in just a week. It really amazes me how well things grow here in the summer! Squash anyone?