About Me

Kim -aboutmeAs many of you may relate, my journey into learning oriental medicine (OM) was not a direct path. I have always had a desire to be involved in the medical field and to help people, but initially traveled in a different career path.

Since childhood, I wanted to either be a doctor or an actress. When I enrolled into my undergraduate program, I initially planned to major in premed. But, when the time came, I realized I was not comfortable working with cadavers, so I walked down the interesting path of acting. For many years I lived a career of acting, modeling and public speaking. While enjoying that career, I continued to feel pulled to the medical field and learned independently about holistic medicine and energy medicine. The more I learned, the more I became pulled into the direction of making the medical field my career path and allowing my previous career to become a hobby. My first step was beginning classes in Healing Touch, a form of energy medicine and therapy. Healing Touch helped me confirm that my heart was in working with patients and no longer cameras.

Once I made my decision, I became interested in becoming either a naturopathic doctor or doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine. The more I researched the two fields, the more the philosophy of oriental medicine resonated with me and was the path I pursued. At the time, NUHS was in the beginning stages of starting the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program so I decided to attend a different college. Due to several life changes, including becoming a new mom, and moving, it became too be difficult to continue to attend my original college.

All these changes led me to attend an open house at National University of Health Sciences. I was completely impressed by all the facilities on campus, especially the clinic, herbal room and the usage of the cadaver lab for the biomedical aspect of our studies. Funny enough, working on cadavers is what caused me to avoid pursing my MD, but now is a fascinating aspect in achieving my MSOM. It's interesting how time changes us! As a result of all the information and my further research about NUHS' OM program, I decided to apply to National. After applying to NUHS, I thought to myself, "Why didn't I go here in the first place?"

Fortunately, I was accepted to National University. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences ever since beginning here. I feel I am learning new information on a daily basis by highly qualified instructors who truly care about how well I grasp the information being taught. I feel the NUHS OM faculty strive for each of their students to excel in the field. It is apparent that the faculty has expectations for their students to become leaders in acupuncture and oriental medicine.