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Welcome New Stroger Residents

This trimester, two new NUHS students joined the team at Stroger's Hospital. NUHS students Dong Ming Sung and Asim Kamal became rotating residents at Stroger's hospital this trimester. These students bring a strong skill set and knowledge base to the team.

Both students feel this opportunity is a cornerstone in their educational career. "I think this is real world experience," Dong Ming stated. "It is similar to what career life will be after I graduate. Every student in our school should participate in this great opportunity. I really appreciate that Dr. Frank Yurasek is giving us this great opportunity!"

Dong Ming Sung, Asim Kamal, and myself

I fully agree with Dong Ming. I believe we are privileged to experience many unique patient interactions at Stroger's. We are fortunate to introduce AOM to many patients who have never experienced it. Additionally, these patients are experiencing remarkable results with the addition of AOM treatments.

This trimester, we have worked together at Stroger's for three weeks. We have already been taught many new skills and tools from working with our patients. Our clinician, Frank Yurasek, PhD (China), LAc, continuously shares knowledge and skills we haven't learned elsewhere. The learning that occurs during this residency is so rich. Many of the AOM residents feel the knowledge we gain during our time at Stroger's seems equivalent to taking many additional educational seminars. At times, we learn AOM techniques and information we hadn't even imagined were possible. This residency adds a new depth, perception, and application of AOM.

Being a Rotating Resident at Stroger

As I blogged about previously, a very unique aspect of being an AOM student at NUHS is the ability to be a resident at Stroger's Hospital. I'm a resident at Stroger's and am finding it to be a priceless experience! Learning within a high paced hospital setting is invaluable. I am discovering a variety of ways to offer patient care that are not found in many textbooks. 

Our clinician, Frank Yurasek, PhD, MSOM, LAc, shares many treatment strategies with the residents that he learned first-hand by ascended AOM and TCM masters from China. 

Mary Thuermer is also a resident at Stroger's Hospital. This is her second rotation at Stroger's. Additionally, she is graduating this trimester. Since she is nearing graduation, she has been a part of many educational experiences and resources offered by NUHS. From what I gather, she feels her residency at Stroger's has been monumental in her NUHS learning experience.

In addition to the information Dr. Yurasek shares with us, we are learning a great deal of information and clinical skills through our patients. Since this is a fairly new program at Stroger's, we feel extremely fortunate to have new and recurring patients trust us with their AOM care. This is a very new experience for most of our patients, so it feels very rewarding to be able to be a part of this journey into holistic medicine, together!